what a week isn’t, and is

What is your average week really like? It’s hard to imagine a life that is primarily bondage and sex. How can you possibly handle it?       M. T.

Marianne, that’s a great question, something I’m often asked. I’ll make sure upcoming blog posts will describe some of my daily and weekly experiences and routines. But I am happy to share a few things here.

I think the image many people have of slave life is that of a dark basement dungeon, a girl kept in chains, and constant porn-level sex. You’re right — no one could handle that for very long — and that’s not the way it is.

Yes, Master has cuffs and chains and equipment of various kinds for me, but the bondage hardware is situated in a very open, sunny, sky-lighted great room that opens out onto a patio and a yard. Bondage is a part of my slavery, yes, but is not done every day. And sex, well, it is frequent, but isn’t non-stop, for sure, and, well, I certainly don’t spend most of my time on my back in the bedroom. (More likely on my back on a table.)

I think what outsiders don’t quite understand is how bondage and sex are not only physical acts but also states of mind. I am usually made to wear clothes that suggest my bondage as a slave or that sexualize me around the house and in public. These are effective tools of my domination, even if they are more subtle. They are controls my Master has over me when he’s not present and have a 24/7 affect on me.

For example, I wear some sort of collar a lot of the time. Sometimes it’s just a fashion choker, matching whatever outfit I’m in. Other times, it’s a piece of jewelry, a solid ring that I wear as a necklace. And yet other times, I am required to wear a wide bronze bondage collar, even in public, that leaves no doubt what it is and what I am.

Likewise, I live my life without wearing bras or panties, a constant reminder of my sexual availability. I am often dressed in revealing outfits, certainly at the Skyway house but also when I go out in public. So there are lots of ways in which I can be “bound” and sexualized without being chained in a dungeon and fucked by the Marquis de Sade.

I think any true dominant understands that to own a girl full time, he needs to care for her in the sense of providing a structure that allows her to cultivate a real life of her own. I live a life in which I pursue hobbies, have friends, go to movies and plays, belong to a reading group, go to church, and have purposes and goals. Everything I do is, of course, subject to my Master’s uses of me, but he makes sure I have the opportunities to make a life like this fulfilling to me.

I think dominant men and women who keep full-time slaves know that they can’t require a slave to do a life of hard labor and maintain a long-term slavery. Master Michael intentionally does not have me cleaning house or cooking dinner, because he doesn’t want me exhausted and spent all the time. He has assigned me a few weekly chores and some daily requirements that are part of my servitude, but they are modest tasks. My greatest “duty” as a slave, in fact, is to care for and prepare my body for use, and to be available and obedient.

I think there is an art to constructing an effective long-term slavery — it’s a balance of desires and needs and replenishment— and smart dominants figure out how to keep their slaves “in sub” while not wearing us out.

Again, I’ll try to do some “day-in-the-life” posts in coming weeks.


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