I’ve been thinking about you. How can I not?

‘Lily’ is such a pretty name, and you wear it with elegant grace and soft submission. It whispers your physical being too — your slender yet shapely quietude, your innocent farm-girl sensuality, and your drop-dead busty innocence. Am I swooning? If I were a guy, I’d never let you go. For that matter, even as a girl, I hope I never have to let you go. May our lives be intertwined forever by the men who own us.

Oh, Lily, I have so enjoyed being with you, entering into your training for so many, though too-short times, talking about our shared natures and what we are. And we have been in sub together, dominated by our Masters in tandem like pianos being played by virtuosos, watching each other in our places, sharing each other’s humiliation. We have wept together, tears pouring from extraordinary pleasure or from extreme shame, from the depths of our slaveness.

And my dearest Lily, I have loved loving you. I will never forget those two occasions lying with you in bed, sharing kisses and fondles, and experiencing pleasures together, even as others watched. We had our moments when we forgot about them and it was just you and me together, shuddering together, in heaven together.

You have often asked me for advice on the slave life — how to be a slave, how to do well, how to cope with the hard stuff. I’ve shared with you what I’ve been able to — everything from doing your nails to running errands to being exposed in public to submitting to the unexpected stranger. You would have figured out all of it if you hadn’t already — you’re such a smart girl — but you received it with the grace and gentle beauty of Lily.

But your parting question at the end of our time last week was so profound it left me speechless. You asked, “What is the absolute most important thing a slave should understand?”

It is for that reason — other than to tell you how much I adore you — that I am writing.

I have since thought much about that, Lily, and I have an answer for you, whether good or less so, I don’t know.

My answer for you is simply this: Stay present in your submission. In every situation, in every submission, in every duty, in every obedience, in every moment — remain focused and alive and present in the doing of your submission.

People on the outside do not understand us, clearly, and they assume that everything we are submitted to is violating and offensive. Not so. And yet, Lily, as you well know, what we are submitted to is often challenging even as it is fulfilling. (How can we ever express that?)

I have found that my great battle is against the forces of dissociation, the struggle not to separate myself from what is happening to me. I don’t mean all the time. I love this life almost every moment. But sometimes it is really hard. It is a powerful tug in those specific times to go to another place in my mind or imagination or dreams.

And my advice to you, Lily, is that’s when you start to lose yourself.

Stay present. Even the hard things of slavery are best experienced when you are present and accounted for in real life.

Of course, this is what our Masters are looking for. They want to see how our submission affects us in real time. They want our real responses — our pain, desire, yearning, desperation, humiliation, shame, arousal, and our shuddering orgasms. They want to see us deeply affected.

So for them and for you, stay present. Experience it all fully and intensely. Let your submissive need be seen. Show them.

That is my answer to your question.


6 thoughts on “lily

    1. it warms me to know you are going back to my earlier posts. thank you for your kind comments (and, as always, for your special attentions)… and you have given me an idea for my blog — to highlight some of my older posts… will work on that!

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  1. I’m having a little problem with “best of…” I assume that the links that you have included are intended to take the reader to the posts to which you are referring. They only take me to a WordPress notification page that reads, “You don’t have any WordPress sites yet. Would you like to start one?” None of the links you have included elsewhere in the blog that I’ve tried have worked for me, either. I don’t know that this isn’t somehow a malfunction due to operator error on my part. I am, after all, just an analog man with a double dose of kink.

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