ten things

I am realizing I am writing things that may be incomprehensible to people finding me now on WordPress. You don’t know me yet. So here, some added information for those who care, maybe some clarification, and a few other statements I want to make.

  1. Master Michael and I are not married. I live with him literally as his slave. He sometimes has other women in his life.
  2. Master Michael actually owns me as his property. The basis for that is complicated, and another blog entry someday.
  3. I am his slave 24/7.
  4. We both adhere to the idea of true slavery, which is not play BDSM (and I say that with great respect for what that is), but is a real, literal slave relationship.
  5. Master Michael cares a lot about me, but he is not actually in love with me. I am important to him — but as a woman who is his slave.
  6. I expect he will sell me or gift me to another dominant man or woman at some point in the future. There’s much to say about that.
  7. I think it’s natural for a submissive woman/slave to be in love with her master. The dependency is so intense. So I do love Master Michael. And he knows that. I adore him and what he does to me. At the same time, I would likely fall in love with anyone who was my master or mistress. Relationships and love are stranger things in dominance and submission.
  8. I truly believe my extreme submissiveness is my sexual orientation. I hope this blog is an opportunity at times to describe and explain that. I am asked if I’m bisexual, and in practical terms, yes I am. But the main point is that I’m attracted to dominance, whether in men or in women. But, yes, I do love women too. Like very much.
  9. My slavery is not a result of my inferiority. Whatever my servitude and obedience, I am an intelligent, college-educated woman who founded her own real estate company and made it a success. My slavery is all the more valuable to the man who owns me because I have given up much to be a slave. He knows I am smart and articulate, and he loves the fact I am smart-assed, witty, funny, and strong-willed — as it gives him all the more right and reason to punish and dominate me.
  10. And here’s the disclaimer: My slavery to a man is not an affront to feminism. I could easily be a slave to a woman, and have been. I believe women are equal to men and should be treated equally with men. We who are submissive persons, whether male or female, need a different kind of relationship and social structure. But that is not most people. I submit to my treatment as a slave, and it is my choice and social contract to commit myself to a life in which there are special rules and rights. It has to do with the weird, bizarre sexuality and psychology of me as a submissive woman. Fantasize about me as you wish. But it is not an implicit permission for men to abuse or assault or rape women in real life.

4 thoughts on “ten things

  1. Hi, How did you enter into this type of relationship in the first place? Have you always felt like a submissive? It appears to be a very secure way to live. I’m fascinated. I have my own journey which I am so enjoying, but I don’t think I would want either side of this…. but who knows. Not sure they exist in my country….

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  2. I would be happy to answer you, but it would take a little more explanation that I can do in this comment field. Are you comfortable emailing me? We can exchange that way. my email is shaemadigan@comcast.net. I’m always happy to respond to emails. If you’re not comfortable with that, I’ll try to answer back here.

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