It seems like a coat of many contradictions.

Humiliation seems to be woven into the fabric of my life. Maybe it is part of the definition of the submissive life? I don’t know. But I wear it every day.

It is multiple experiences painted onto my body and existence, of being objectified, sexualized, and diminished — daily and weekly events that leave me blushing, embarrassed, even shamed.

I have to bear these crossing stripes of humiliation, like marks of a whip, and yet, here’s the thing — I desire it oh so very much. I actually want to be humiliated. Can I say that? Is it wrong for me to feel that way?

In my humiliations I feel my submissiveness, that I will do “even this” to please the One who owns me. It is a measure of my slaveness, and as I measure up, I actually experience a kind of joy for what I am.

Master introduces me to someone: “This is my slave, Shae.” It is bold, outrageous, objectifying. My identity to someone else now fixed as a slave, immediately amended as “sex slave,” their gaze reflecting judgment. I blush, embarrassed.

And yet Inside I thrill at his words, “my slave,” the reality of my belonging to this Master, of being possessed by him. I suppose the feeling of being possessed requires me to be the object of possession.

Maybe the joy of submission comes from the agony of humiliation.

Perhaps it really does “hurt so good.”

3 thoughts on “humiliation

  1. Master Micheal…Yet again your slave is of great pleasure to the eyes and ears. This speaks of your training and your masterful technique. Thank you again for allowing her to pleasure us with her post.

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  2. Master Michael prepared this to reply to your comment, Sir:

    “Pleased you are enjoying my slave. Thanks for the compliment on my training of her. I have been fortunate to have had a number of girls along the way, and I suppose I’ve learned a few things about training them. Shae is about as naturally submissive as I’ve had, yet she’s also strong-willed. It makes her subjugation all the more fun….

    “Is there something specific you would like her to write about? I would gladly offer her to you through her writing, something that interests you.” –Master Michael

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    1. There is nothing specific I would have her write. I really enjoy her writings Master Michael.

      But thank you very much for the offer. All I do request is keep doing what you are doing and keep improving. Because you are doing it very well Master Michael.


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