recent questions

Followers online and offline have asked questions. Some of my responses:

Is Shae your slave name? What is your real name?
No, I don’t have a separate slave name. My real (birth) name is Shae — Shae Maura Madigan. This is the only name I’ve ever gone by — in my professional life in real estate as well as in my slavery.

What do you call your Master? Do you ever call him by his first name?
I am permitted to call him “Master” or “Sir” or “Master Michael.” Each is generally used corresponding to the tone or formality of the context in which I’m with him. There are some rare situations in which he needs to be vanilla — that is, where others do not know his dominant lifestyle, and this do not know that I am his slave — in which case I am introduced as his assistant, and I then refer to him as “Mr. Malone.”

What does your Master call you? How does he address you? What names does he have for you?
He often just calls me “slave.” Sometimes “slave girl.” And he will frequently just call me “shae.” He goes through periods when he has a a favorite slang name for me. Currently I am “slave toy.” A month ago, I was “bumbles.” And last summer I was “tits.” He likes conditioning me to respond to those terms, and he enjoys his friends using the same name with me. So one of his friends will call me “tits,” and I reflexively turn toward him in response. Master gets a kick from seeing that. Right.

Why are you writing a blog online?
Two reasons: First I am a writer (or trying to be one). Master Michael has graciously encouraged me to spend time writing and as suggested that writing a blog online would be good exercise for me, which it is. Second, Master’s goal for me is to make me known to everyone publicly as a slave in slavery — and writing online, exposing my slave life to everyone, is a step in achieving that goal.

You’ve referred to a previous career in real estate? Why would you leave that?
Yes, I founded my own business, a real estate agency, when I was 26. I am proud of that, although it was never very big, just me at first, but later a few others. It was marginally profitable and modestly successful. I succeeded as a professional woman in a world of professional people, often men. I am proud of that.

But I left my career for several reasons. The one (and really only) reason is that I am an extreme submissive and I got to a point where I felt I just had to pursue my submissiveness, my alternative sub sexuality, and a life in which my submissive nature was cared for. Women leave careers to get married, have babies. I left my career to become a slave. OK, it’s way different and bizarre to most people, but to me it’s equivalent.

There are other reasons in the background. I had gotten tired and bored with my career. Ultimately real estate is a rat race of selling and reselling property. Then too, I turned thirty, and then past thirty, and I wondered if I would ever really experience my submissive sexuality fully. Also I met a dominant man, Master Michael, who is extraordinary, and I wanted to be a submissive part of his life…

Who else knows you are a sex slave? Friends, family? What do they think? How do they respond to you now?
This is probably a longer answer than I can address adequately here. But I’ll try a short version.

It was a condition of my acceptance (by Master) as a slave that I tell everyone I knew that I am a submissive, am entering a life of being dominated, and am committing myself to a lifetime of slavery. Now, there has been allowance for that message to be softened and modified somewhat to make sense to people who don’t understand what this life is. But there is a practical reason for doing this — Master doesn’t want there to be any room for someone thinking he has abducted me, or controlled me apart from my consent, or put me under any sort of mental or drugged influence. It’s important too be open with everyone.

Of course that’s often embarrassing and humiliating to me. But then again, that’s part of what being a slave is, and it was and still is a condition of my entry into slavery under Master Michael.

So, Master Michael has actually met my mother and sat down with her. She, at 61, wants desperately to be relevant and modern and hip, and so her version of what this is goes to “50 Shades” and the idea that Master Michael is my romantic version of “Mr. Grey.” She has no problem with the kinky parts. And, at one point she is sitting at the table in her kitchen, saying to Master Michael that when I was a girl she “never spanked me enough, so he should be sure to spank me often to keep me in my place.” True story. Now, I am humiliated, like, every day of my life now, but that left my freckled Irish face as deeply red as my hair. Master Michael charmed the stockings off my mother and they are best buds. (And, yes, I have since been spanked more often.)

Less of a story is my older, estranged brother. Long story. Sad story. I have little contact with him anyway, but I told him, and he thinks I’m a whore. So, perhaps a lesson to other subs and slaves — not everyone approves. And you will be ridiculed and demeaned by some.

Most of my professional colleagues, especially my real estate associate, Carol, have been very supportive. She remains a dear friend. Sam and Elise and Josie and Tom responded so very well, and we remain friends and see each other often. Most of them are, understandably, curious about what happens in my life, but they are respectful. I find there are issues of what I tell them and what I don’t. It’s not always the acceptable conversation at parties or happy hours.

There have been some in my former professional life who have not responded so well. Many are judgmental. Although I get that. I’m not really so offended by such reactions.

Whew… long answer!

Do you feel alone in your slavery? Do you have friends?
That’s a great question. It’s divine provision that my Master is experienced and wise about caring for a slave girl like me. Isolation and depression can be real problems for submissives and slaves. He knows that and has insisted on me developing a social life.

So, I do have a number of friends, and I get together with one or another of them pretty much every few days. Some are outside the lifestyle, others are in it themselves. Carol and others I mentioned above are people I get together with frequently. Within the lifestyle, I am very close to Lily, Ashley, and Susan, and see them often, as their slaveries permit. I’m part of a reading group that meets once a month. I also, believe it or not go to church. I’m a very spiritual person. Will write about that separately.

Thanks be to Master Michael who allows and encourages such a social life for his slave.

Is your relationship with your Master romantic? Are you in love with him?
I get this a lot. I understand why people ask. To tell the truth, It’s probably the most difficult question for me to answer.

The problem is that most people don’t have any categories other than “friends” and “couples” and “marriage.”

Living with a person who dominates you is more intimate and personal than most, maybe all, marriages. Yet it is not a marriage.

My feelings about Master Michael are my own. I understand a Master’s feelings about a slave are different, perhaps. I don’t expect the same feelings from him. I don’t think a Master and slave should have a traditional romantic relationship. We don’t go on dates. He has relationships with other women. I am a slave, and I cannot have other romantic relationships. And I don’t want to.

Yes, I have strong feelings for Master Michael. I am an extreme submissive and respond sexually and emotionally to strong dominants.

This is complicated.

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