late night

Master and Mistress got home late last night.

I learned later that they had gone to dinner with friends, then to a play, and then to a pub for drinks. It seemed they had a good time — they were laughing when they walked in.

They were surprised to see me still up. I asked if I could get them anything, perhaps a drink. They told me they just had drinks. Master K said he was heading straight to bed. I saw Amanda look at him and give a slight nod.

Mistress did indeed notice my high heels. “Nice,” she said.

Leaving them, I curtseyed, and headed to my bedroom for the night.

Minutes later Mistress appeared at my bedroom doorway. “I want you in my bed tonight. Come with me.” She took my hand and led me to her bedroom, having me sit on the foot of her bed. She knelt in front of me, reaching for my right foot, taking my ankle into her hands. “You’ve been wearing these all day,” she said. “Your ankles are swollen.”


She removed my shoe and rubbed my foot and then my ankle. It felt strange for her to be doing this, serving me, but her massage of my ankle felt heavenly. Then she did the same with my left shoe and ankle. I sighed.

She stood, reached for my hand, and pulled me up to her. “Thank you,” she whispered.

“I knew you’d notice.”

She nodded and smiled. “So, ” she said, “I have to go to Kevin tonight. For awhile.”


“I want you to make yourself naked and climb into my bed. Go to sleep. I will be back later tonight. I’ll try not to wake you.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

I could see no clock when I awakened, so I don’t know what time it was she returned to the bedroom. I felt her climb into bed with me. I could smell on her the faint scent of Master K’s aftershave. She nestled into me, her naked breasts flattening against my back. Her arms came around and her hand cupped my breast. She whispered, “You held me when I was sick. Now my turn to hold you.”

Maybe I nodded or whispered something. I don’t remember. I fell asleep in her arms.

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