Amanda and I went to the cafe this morning, after all.

We didn’t talk about my punishment, and I was grateful. Instead we talked about Ireland, of all things. I can’t remember how we got into that. It is, of course, my heritage and it happens to be part of hers. I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland but haven’t ever seen a way for that to happen in my current life. She mentioned a story about her father’s mother, who was born in DIngle, and her similar interest in going someday.

“Maybe we should go together, Shae.”

“To Ireland?”

“Yes. An adventure.”

It’s too much to hope for, so I won’t, but it’s just lovely to hear her talk about us doing something together. Just the thought she is including me in her adventure, even if it’s just a pipe dream, means the world to me right now.

Amanda disappeared somewhere later in the day. She’d shared with me she needed to go to a friend’s afternoon tea. She rolled her eyes when she told me. Not her thing, but she had to.

Master K had a brief showing at the house early afternoon. In and out. He told me to be ready in the morning. Another practice session. Then he was gone.

I read my book.

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