a new skill

Sunday morning and Amanda has me topless. Master K left earlier for golf with friends. She had me take off my top after he left, which tells me she wants me, or at least my breasts, to herself. And I kinda like the sound of that.

I serve her a light breakfast of yogurt, granola, and banana on the patio. As I lean over with the tray, my right breast falls against the small carafe of milk. It spills only a little as Amanda is quick to catch the carafe and set it right again.

“So sorry. I’ll get a towel.”

“Don’t,” she says, “It’s just a little.” And true, it’s just a small puddle of milk on the tray. “Kneel,” she orders.

I go to my knees beside her in the lounge chair. She takes her finger and swirls it in the milk puddle, then paints my left nipple with it. She does the same for my right nipple. “Look,” she says with a laugh, “you’re lactating.”

I smile at her lame humor.

She leans over and takes my left nipple into her mouth, sucking me and tasting the droplets of milk she put there. She leans back and smacks her lips. She is playful this morning. She reaches for my right breast, pulls it to her, and I lean to one side, giving her access. She sucks my teat, again savoring the thin wet of the milk.
Amanda leans back. “Go, sit.”

I sit in the chair opposite her and she says we’re going to the cafe this morning. We weren’t able to go yesterday for our usual Saturday morning coffee there, so she wants to go today. That sounds good to me, though I suspect a couple of her friends will be there, so it won’t be just her and me. But still, it’ll be fun to be there with her.

Later I ask, “So do you wish I were really lactating?”

“God, no,” she says. “Well… it would be interesting. It would be a thing. A Shae-has-a-new skill sort of thing.”

I smile at her and shake my head. “I’d rather take up painting. Would be easier.”

“Nothing worth doing is easy, my child,” Amanda says in her schoolmarm voice.

We both break out laughing.

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