woman. girl. child.

This is a slight musing, perhaps, not worth a lot of time. Maybe it’s something of a word analysis, though not quite my other word-study postings — “whore” https://slaveshae.wordpress.com/2019/02/11/whore/ and “slut” https://slaveshae.wordpress.com/2019/04/13/slut/ and“cocksucker’ http://’https://slaveshae.wordpress.com/2019/05/05/cocksucker/ Not teasing here, but perhaps I should put my word-studies in a separate menu.

When I was first acquired by Amanda, in our first week together she told me that she considered me a woman, not a child, and that she was not looking to me to be “her child” in any way.

I didn’t quite understand what she meant at first.

She said that sometimes a domme-sub relationship fell into a child-parent thing. She said that was even more likely given that I had two dominants over me, male and female. She wasn’t speaking for Master K — I remember her saying , “He might call you ‘baby child’ for all I know” — but she said, for her, she saw me as an adult, a woman who was her submissive, slave. “It means more to me,” she said, “that you are an adult woman who has sacrificed herself to slavery under me. We are both adult women, doing this together.”

So sometimes she says things that make me want to follow her to the end of the earth.

I write lots of things down — thoughts, comments, ideas — in my diary, and this was one. And now I have come across this again, and it gives me some reason to muse on it.

In my writings about my slavery to Mistress and Master, I know I have sometimes used “parent” imagery, as that is part of what I feel in certain situations. Perhaps I should be more careful of that, but the nature of submission is one of diminishment, a lower status, and possibly as a child to an adult.

Let me pause and say that there are those in relationships with significant others, in partnerships, and in marriages, who use endearing terminology together, and I am not judging or commenting on that. In my vanilla life, I was in a relationship once where my boyfriend started referring to me as “baby girl.” I’m not saying I loved that, but it was his term of fondness for me (and I put up with it). But that is between one and another in a romantic or love relationship, and even in cases where such relationships are D/s. I’m sure not assailing those preferences and choices. (I listen to an erotica blog where the woman co-host refers to her husband co-host as “Big Daddy,” and I find that really cute and sexy.)

But in my world, this becomes an interesting conversation. In fact, Master K doesn’t refer to me as “baby” or “child.” And, as I mentioned, Amanda seems to fiercely defend me in some feminist context as a “woman” — one she joyously dominates into utter and abandoned submission.

The interesting middle ground is when I am called “girl.” I am “slave girl,” “my girl,” and “sub girl,” by Master and Mistress quite frequently. I know in a vanilla world of political correctness, this is not acceptable, and I actually respect that. And so, I don’t think any of the women in Amanda’s office should be referred to as “girl” any more than that any of the men should be referred to as “boy.” But of course, in this my alternative lifestyle of submission and slavery, there are no such constraints. I accept the terminology. I am called far “worse” things. And the term “girl” often gives me submissive feelings.

The thing is, there really isn’t much of an option between “slave” and “girl for Mater and Mistress.” In public, where the term “slave” is probably offensive and at least awkward, what else conveys a sense of hierarchy and submission?

So, when Master K introduces me to someone as “his slave girl,” part of me (still) blushes to be identified publicly as a slave, yet another part of me thrills by him saying I am his. And when Amanda tells others I am “her girl,” I know the code: to public others, it means I am her girlfriend or her lover, and to those in the know it means I am her slave.

Whether I am “woman” or “girl” or “slave,” the terminology puts me in bed with her. In that, I am hers. And to me there is absolutely no offense in that.

8 thoughts on “woman. girl. child.

  1. Your mistress is right. Too many dynamics devolve into an almost parent child relationship. Which is fine if your a little and you both know what it will be going in. But too often a sub that is well taken care of begins to take that for granted and the dom becomes like a parent. I’m with A on this one. Haveing a woman that is free to do anything they want choose to submit is a huge thing.

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  2. I have so much to say about this! I haven’t delved fully into my relationships on my blog yet, but I have two men and they call me different things based on our relationship. Words are powerful yet at the same time, they are just words. It’s interesting. I’m looking forward to reading about the other words you discussed. Will do soon. Have a lovely day!

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    1. Violette, so sorry not to reply sooner. Was away over the weekend…. I’m interested in your thoughts. I know you left me another comment on an earlier blog, and I’ll go back to that…. I think women in fact are many different things to others, and for us as subs and slaves there’s yet another dimension. Maybe it just reflects our many different facets and roles.

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      1. I think that’s true. And I was thinking, well is it the same for men… maybe but not to the same extent. For women, we have always been, I don’t know if I want to say burdened… but maybe… burdened with having to maintain different identities or maybe to hide our real selves to make up a proper appearance. Forced into roles that might not fit. And I know I’m enjoying flowing into and out of different roles.
        My Dom called me “baby girl” at the start of things and I told him I’m not a baby girl. But guess what? He still calls me that at times and now it makes me smile. It feels special. Things evolve and I love that we have the words to reflect that.

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  3. Thanks for this discussion. I think it’s really beautiful. Labels, terms and what they mean to me, in society, to others is something that has been rolling around in my mind lately.

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