I haven’t written much this week, and there’s a reason.

There are more genteel ways to say it, but doing so loses the thrust of things: since my cast came off, I have become significantly more fuckable to both Mistress and Master. They have done me over and over since last Monday.

I won’t detail all, mostly because I literally cannot remember — each of my sexings has blended hazily into another. Monday and Tuesday evenings I was had by Master K. Wednesday night he didn’t do me, only because he was at a board meeting until very late. Instead Mistress Amanda took me in his place, as her slave not her red-haired lover girl (I’ve been in my slaveness with her all week, my exact obedience required and, of course, given, nonstop). Yesterday afternoon she came home early to take me again, and then last night I was again fucked by Master K: I do declare he has been saving himself for this week — oh my god. And I have not yet mentioned times on my knees in the mornings. I don’t know what tonight will bring. Or the weekend.

Not that I’m complaining. I’m just saying.

To be clear, they have not hurt me, and they have remained careful of my arm. No suspensions from my wrists. (Ankles are another thing.) I do not fear what they do to me, just am a little overwhelmed.

I’ve been given time to sleep and shower. I haven’t eaten much, but that’s of my own accord. I am tired and, well, raw. Sometimes a woman is described as looking “freshly fucked,” referring to that rose-grinned glow after sex. I am way beyond that, not anywhere close to fresh, rather, ragged, not having the energy to smile but still fizz-happy. I don’t know if I’m pretty any more, I can’t imagine I am, but I don’t care. Apparently I’m not so unkempt as to be beyond consideration as a sex toy. They continue to take me.

And all of this is to say I haven’t had much time to write. Nor have I felt like writing at the end of an evening. I’ve come up for air to write this.

The damnedest thing is that desire is the pregnancy of more desire, arousal delivers more arousal, and sex births more sex. Lust fulfills its own prophecy. In other words, as utterly used up as I feel, I am wanting more.

4 thoughts on “wanton

  1. Well, you have had a good rest Shae! Seriously, I hope you’re ok though! I imagine it will die down a little at some point. I’m sure they will monitor your health though. At least I hope so.


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