update: unfinished business

This is kind of an unusual update. I know there are a number of things I have promised to readers over these months. I’ve promised them with every intention of fulfilling them, but circumstances have made some things impossible.

  1. Accounts of my being shared. When I was shared with Mr. D, the idea was that he’d write about his experience of me and I’d post it. He has not written that. I think the reason is that he just isn’t much of a writer and doesn’t want to do that. I don’t think he was disappointed with me that time, and he’s said positive things about me to me since that time. But I don’t know.
  2. Interview with me. Mistress Amanda had a contact with a freelance journalist and gave him permission to interview me. He did. He came here, and I spent parts of two days answering his questions. We were supposed to get a transcript of the interview for final approval, but never did. He is still promising to send something, but we think it never will see the light of day. However, if anyone sees an interview with me posted out there on the Internet Machine, let me know. A further note: Amanda has since done an interview with another person who wanted a domme’s-eye-view of an actual slavery. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to post that, but maybe. The thing is we have been contacted by a number of people who have interest in interviews or videos of us. Amanda doesn’t want what we are and have to become too public. But there are things being considered.
  3. My “slave emails.” I started this with a couple of people who emailed me directly, and I posted these emails in a separate section of my blog. My intention was to share ongoing email relationships with you all. The problem is that my emails from watchers and followers has multiplied. These correspondences mean a lot to me, and I respond personally to each person, friend, watcher, follower who writes me. But for me to secure permission and format these to post these on my blog takes time away from me actually writing. So I’ve been moving away from doing that. My apologies.
  4. My First Time… Another sub-menu on my blog of my experience of the “firsts” in my submissive life. I have gotten away from that, but intend to continue it. More to come…
  5. Fiction. I am still writing fiction, and I will post more. I’ve been in a bit of a hiatus because of my wrist, but am back at it now. Truth is, fiction is my first love, and I will always write it.

I probably need to be careful of promising too much, but some things just happen. Or don’t happen, as it were….

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