summer weekend

I wrote much of this last Sunday night but never finished until today.

It’s been another hazy, lazy weekend of summer. We’ve had a number of them, though this weekend has been the loveliest, with temps in the low 80s. Lots of sun, and not much threat of the late afternoon thunderstorms, which has been the pattern.

Neither Mistress nor Master have had work business to do and have lounged around the house and patio with me, which adds to the slow, languorous rhythm and the art of doing very little. Much of the time I’ve been out on the patio with Amanda sipping lemonade, which is its own quiet joy. Master has played golf both mornings, but early, getting back home by noon or one, then joining us on the patio.

Mistress has had me in summer skirts all weekend: yesterday a thin tulip skirt in a pretty cantaloupe orange; today a white, eyelet beach skirt, midi and sheer and flowy. Both days she has insisted on applying my suntan lotion, spending a lot of time and product on my breasts. Normally she uses a Neutrogena sun block, but this weekend she’s been applying Hawaiian Tropics lotion, and lots of it. The Neutrogena is non-greasy and has a flat finish; the Hawaiian Tropics is slick and leaves a glimmery sheen. So she wants me gleaming and reflective.

She did my breasts a third time, and I looked at her with a wry smile and said, “You know, you don’t need to waste suntan lotion. Just play with them if you want.”

She smiled but said nothing and continue to waste Hawaiian Tropics on my boobs.

Mistress took me out yesterday morning, to the cafe and then grocery shopping at City Market. It was a brief run early, while Master was golfing, but we had time enough for coffee and delicious scones at the cafe, a short conversation with Casey, and then a quick tour through the grocery. We got back by eleven.

I’ve had time to read and write, although I haven’t felt much like writing. I find that in certain cycles, I just need to slow down putting words to paper, and just live life.

So this became a slow, lovely rhythm of reading, fetching drinks, and being watched by Mistress and Master as I walked around in just a summer skirt. They like watching me. In between I took naps, falling asleep in the sun.


One thought on “summer weekend

  1. Gosh! Rex was doing the same to me yesterday! I feels so lovely with the sun on them and his hands just slowly circling around. Mine aren’t exactly as firm as yours I imagine! You write beautifully. X N


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