the art of living topless

It’s been nearly two months now that Mistress has kept me topless in and around the house. This has been every day, except for Mondays and Wednesdays when I accompany her to work. And so it is now as I type this at my desk — I am wearing a blue flare skirt and nothing else.

I am increasingly aware this is likely to be my way of life in the future. A slave kept and always half dressed.

At first, I considered this rather trivial — Amanda’s sex play with me. Master K just enjoying my boobs. I now realize it’s much more than that, a lifestyle practice that has many layers of meaning and experience.

At its most natural level, I am now much more aware of my own body. As I do my chores — laundry, dusting, cleaning — because my breasts are unconstrained, I feel their weight and movement in a new way. It becomes sensual: On my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor, they fall and sway. Organizing Amanda’s library, I feel the armload of books press against the flesh of my breasts, coating them in dust. As I fold laundry, I sense them bounce slightly with my movements, and I feel them jiggle as I kick open the tight, sticky closet door in the master bedroom. It makes me hyper-aware of my own body in a way a woman is not mindful of normally.

At another level, I am aware that I am undressed this way simply because Mistress says so. It is a constant reminder that she owns and controls me. This is not what I would choose for myself. On my own all day, I could put on a top and get away with it. But I don’t. It is my submissive obedience to Mistress that I remain bare-breasted throughout the day until she returns home.

When Amanda or Master K are present, as they look at my breasts, I can feel that I am pleasure to them, eye candy, if you will. This is a method of objectifying and sexualizing me in a way that is constant and always. It puts more “sex” into “sex slave.”

Amanda calls my being topless my “common state,” how I am supposed to be. “You are physically and sexually meant to be seen,” Mistress says. “Others have a right to enjoy you.” As this has become my new norm, it has involved strangers who come to the front door, say, a package deliveryman or a salesman or occasional real estate agent. I answer in my “common state,” and endure a level of embarrassment as they, man or woman, are startled, react, and then settle into the right they have to view me.

Lately, Mistress has extended the range — I now ride in the car without wearing a top. Now when we go into town or take to the mountains, I touch up my makeup, loop my handbag over my shoulder, and, bare boobs bouncing, follow Amanda out the front door, down the driveway, and into her car.

This continuity of being topless from bedroom to the rest of the house to the patio to the yard to the driveway and into a car is important to Amanda. Ultimately she wants me to forget the distinction between public and private. She wants me to walk through life without thought of my exposure.

She now keeps a T-shirt and a button-down blouse on hangers in the back seat. When we arrive at the cafe, I get out of the car, walk to the driver’s side, open the rear door, and only then put on a top, usually the T-shirt. It is now a routine, part of the automatic business of arriving at a destination, like making sure you have your keys and purse. And T-shirt.

When we leave the cafe, the sequence is reversed. I take off the T-shirt and arrange it on the hanger, then topless, sit again in the passenger seat.

Sometimes there are others in the parking lot getting in or out of cars. Amanda determines when it might not be safe or might become a problem, but often she has me follow that same routine as someone looks and stares. I blush, embarrassed, but maintain my composure.

Mistress has impressed on me the importance of my own bearing in doing this. She doesn’t want me covering up with my hands and arms, or in any way being defensive in my posture or mannerisms. And I’m not to hurry or rush for fear of being seen. She’s made the good point that any such display of covering up or defensiveness just calls more attention to me and the situation. I have learned that if I am steady and natural in how I comport myself, others will just watch and then move on.

Occasionally, Amanda and I go to an overlook near the crest of one of the mountains thirty miles away. Topless, I get out of the car and walk to the guard rail. The two of us gaze across the beautiful vista. Sometimes we hike a ways down a dirt trail. After a time, we get back in the car and head home. And during the whole trip, beginning to end, I have been naked on top. I have to say it is an exhilarating experience, and partly because of the continuity of it.

Of course, Amanda is careful enough and appropriately cautious. She doesn’t drive down the center of town on our trips there, taking back streets instead. She doesn’t park in places where there are too many people. On the interstate, she’ll stay in the right lane mostly and not pass other cars, except for semi-trucks, which she delights in passing so very slowly. Truck drivers see a lot anyway, so I’m nothing special, but they get their eyefuls of me.

I’m sure all of this tickles Amanda’s dominant nature. She gets to manage my exposure. She protects me from the authorities and any group of people who might pose a danger. She wants me to be seen and viewed, but not in some way that becomes a problem or violates someone else’s sensibility. Directing all of this is what thrills and excites her.

I know this is a precursor to public park play and training. She had tried that with me some time ago and because of circumstances it was kind of a dud experience. Then my broken wrist made that impossible. It’s also better done when the weather is cooler and layers of clothing can be taken off, unbuttoned, or opened up. Amanda wants to go back to that. Meanwhile this art of living topless is a bit of training for that to come.

Though Amanda calls this my common state, it is not something that has become ordinary to me. I am used to it in the sense of accepting this is to be my practice now, but I am still aware of my body, my submission, and my sexuality in doing it and “being” this way. It is my new “usual,” but it also still feels unusual, arousing me sexually and deepening my submissiveness.

And I suppose that’s the point.

11 thoughts on “the art of living topless

    1. Thank you, Sir. It’s all about remembering the specific details of what I experience. And then capturing the sensuality (physical sensation) of it — from the feel of dusty books to the spatter of bacon grease, which I didn’t write about. (I am now allowed to wear an apron while cooking!)

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  1. You expressed yourself so well and really did paint a vivid picture as sirhanz stated. I went through much the same experience when I had to be totally nude. We later became nudists and the nakedness lost its previous meaning, but I can still relate to all you stated. As for public displays, i agree that the less you do to try and cover the better. When you are nonchalant it shows her that you trust her, it shows confidence in her and in yourself. And your attitude actually makes you blend in. People are much less likely to notice or do a double take when you are oblivious to your nakedness. And when it does happen, simply pay no attention and know that if she wants you to cover she will let you know. Great post!

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  2. Thank you Jennifer… I am learning still. I have a lot of reflexive instincts in public I have to tame, but you’re right, it’s an exercise in my trust in Amanda… She says the same to me about being public — she uses the same word — that acting “oblivious” to my own exposure is something that people won’t object to. They may watch and enjoy, but they won’t make a scene… By the way, I am now binge-ing on your blog entries. They are delicious and wonderful.

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  3. You paint such a vivid picture here. It’s very nicely written and allows me to see how you feel and what it means to you. I would struggle a lot being half-naked all the time. My first ‘issue’ would be that it means to be always cold? But I can relate to how you describe to feeling your body in a whole different way now, as your boobs are free and it becomes more sensual. It honestly sounds like a beautiful thing and it’s very nice to read that your relationship has developed and is taking steps forward that benefit you both

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    1. Yes, at night it can get cool, and on occasion Mistress will allow me to wrap a shawl around my shoulders. It helps some, though it doesn’t really cover my boobs, unless I wrap it all the way around, which Mistress doesn’t prefer. I wonder what will happen in the fall and winter… For me the “issue” is more the loss of feeling fabrics against my skin. But living semi-nude has other sensual benefits… Thank you so much for your comments….

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      1. I’m curious about what will happen in winter too! I plan to keep on reading your blog ^^ I hope you feel good about being accessible like that for your Mistress (sounds like you do hehe) I think serving her like that is something you can be proud of and it’s very nice to read

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  4. This is a great post, thanks for sharing. It sounds like a fabulous experience. I’m wondering how much I would like it. I love being in display like that, but I also have pretty weighty boobs. I’m not sure how I would feel day in, day out without support, bouncing around.

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  5. Naomi is getting used to nakedness around the house and garden. I’ve always been this way but it has taken her a while to lose the self conciousness over female and age. She has a lovely body. She likes to tease me the days by flaunting herself in front of me knowing what it does! I love it

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  6. «And I’m not to hurry or rush for fear of being seen. She’s made the good point that any such display of covering up or defensiveness just calls more attention to me and the situation.»

    We are often in bathing places where swimwear is optional to use or not. Those who replace wet with dry, or put on swimwear, those who try to hide this behind a towel or have someone to hold a towel, are noticed. So Amanda is absolutely right, natural behavior does not attract attention.


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