shae: a synopsis

Periodically I write an overview of my life for the benefit of new followers.

About me
My name is Shae Madigan. I’m a deeply submissive woman living in a slavery relationship to a dominant man (Master K) and dominant woman (Mistress Amanda). My slavery is 24/7. I live with them in their home in Colorado.

I’m 34 years old. I stand five-eight, weigh 130 pounds. I have big boobs and long red hair and a fair, freckled complexion.

I love to write, both my daily accounts as well as fiction and sometimes poetry. I read voraciously and am part of a book club. I have interests in the arts, and enjoy art museums and galleries.

I am a certified klutz, sometimes tripping over my own feet, dropping plates, knocking over lamps. I am not a good cook, by any stretch. I know nothing about sports (although, for some reason, it turns me on to hear men talk sports among themselves).

On the other hand, I have skills in bartending and can mix a good drink. I do great laundry. I like to scrub floors. And some say I’m a decent slave.

My blog
This blog is an account of my experiences, thoughts, and feelings as a sex slave.

My sexuality
I believe I have been submissive all my life, I was born this way, and submissiveness is part of my sexual orientation. I consider myself bisexual, though much of what I respond to sexually is dominance, whether coming from a man or a woman.

My journey
I have come to my own truth rather late in life. I was oblivious to my submissive nature until I was 26 when I read Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy and was captivated, pun intended. It described the desires and sexuality that were hidden within me. I entered a BDSM club for the first time when I was 27. Clubs never became a big thing for me, but they opened my eyes to D/s being played out physically and sexually in real life. And I was already 30 when I began to consider the radical idea of living a life in total submission.

I have been a 24/7 slave now for more than three years.

Earlier I was slave to a Master Michael, who was also the person who introduced me to lifestyle slavery and trained me in basic skills.

Mistress Amanda and Master K acquired me in February of this year. They are not married and not actually a couple in any romantic sense. Both are extreme dominants, and they share interest in the D/s lifestyle. It’s convenient for them to own and share me together.

These days, my primary relationship is with Mistress Amanda. She manages my slavery. I am submissive to her, of course, serving her physically and sexually, but we are also involved with each other at other levels emotional and personal.

Master K’s dominance of me is primary sexual — he uses my body for his needs, pretty much on a daily basis.

In my blog postings I try to convey the experience of my slavery as it happens. I think the psychology of submission is fascinating and it is as much a part of the sexual dynamic of slavery as sex itself is.

My blog is read by a number of people I know in real life, some of them colleagues of Amanda’s at her work, where I have occasionally worked as well. It is part of my slavery to be open and honest and exposed to others.

Thank you for watching and following me. As always I welcome questions and ideas for me writing this blog.

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