a program note

I need to inform watchers and followers that a week from today I’m being sent to Mistress Jocelyn in California, a long-time friend of Amanda’s.

I have written about her before here, but for those who don’t know, Mistress Jocelyn is an older domme who was instrumental in bringing Amanda into the lifestyle twenty years ago. Mistress J has been out of the mainstream of the lifestyle for a number of years now, but still thinks of herself as relevant in it. It isn’t her age that is the problem — people of all ages enjoy the D/s lifestyle. It is her style and mindset: She is formal and stuffy in demeanor, somewhat schoolmarmish. She has a view of the lifestyle that’s based on formalities and precise etiquette. (I am not judging: these are all Amanda’s words to me about her.)

Mistress Jocelyn visited us here at the house some weeks ago, and out of that came this idea that Amanda would send me to her for some specific training in slave positions, which is one of Mistress J’s pet passions.

Amanda feels conflicted about this. She wants to do something kind for Mistress J, who was so important to Amanda’s own lifestyle journey two decades ago. Yet she recognizes that Jocelyn’s approach to the lifestyle now is so different, and dated, from her own. So Amanda is apologetic to me about sending me next Sunday.

I’ve said I’m happy to be this gift to Jocelyn, and will keep an open mind about learning new things.

I was originally going to be given to Mistress Jocelyn for a week, but now Amanda has cut it shorter to just five days. What I don’t know is whether I will be able to write my blog during this time. I will take my laptop, but Mistress J isn’t online at all. She likely doesn’t have Wi-Fi.

We’ll see how this goes.


8 thoughts on “a program note

  1. This can be a bit nerve wracking for even the most experienced slave. I hope you have the blog to help you settle down and be able to explore the experience. I know exactly what you mean, as a certain Mistress came to mind. I’ll remind you what my Master says, “We are all brilliant Masters in our heads.” I’m sure you will make your Owners proud.

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