I am now the owner of pierced nipples, adorned with a pair of titanium barbells.

I don’t want to make a big deal about this, as most of the rest of the world has already gotten pierced, and for you all it’s ho-hum. I am not a virgin in most any possible way anymore, but I was a virgin to this. Apart from my ear piercings (which likewise I came to later in life) body piercing is a culture and experience new to me, and I didn’t know what to expect.

So, I’ll just say that the “surgery” was simple, the pain was minimal, and the patient has come out of the OR in good health.

The good news is that Amanda was there and very pleased. She thinks the barbells look cute.

The bad news is that Amanda asked a lot of questions about tongue piercings.


13 thoughts on “piercings

      1. Methinks I am a sadist.. so.. duh. 😁 but moreover the bigger question is if Amanda is thinking about a barbell or ring. Bet you had not even considered a ring. Just think of the fun places that tounge could be tied to with a ring.😁 and yes.. I am purposely giving Amanda ideas. Mostly because it amuses me.

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  1. Lol!
    Sounds fun! I love my piercings. I’ve got my nipples done and a vch. Love them all!
    FYI; It did take a full 2 years for both of my nipples to fully heal, and I still have some minor issues with one when I change jewellery. Remember to give it time.

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    1. minnie, that was a bit of surprise to me — how long it takes for them to completely heal. He said a year or two. I guess there are different thresholds — two weeks, two months, six months, a year — and they heal in stages I have to read up.

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  2. So cool!! Unlike the rest of the world I am also completely inexperienced with this but I admire women that have their nipples pierced! It looks so nice. Did it hurt? / does it hurt?

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  3. (But I thought you loved pain!!!) Well, I’m sure it is different for different women. Yes, it’s painful, and you’ll probably scream, but it’s over very quickly, in seconds. It feels like a really hard pinch, then it’s done. I was told it might throb the first day, and it did. After that I didn’t have other ongoing pain. I’ve been told that women with larger breasts like me sometimes experience more pain during and after, but that hasn’t been true for me. You do need to care for them for the first weeks — keep them clean and avoid infection. So far for me so good. I wouldn’t run scared of having it done. It was more fearful to me in anticipation than in realty. Later on, I kind of felt like a wimp because it was relatively easy and I had fretted so about it beforehand…. But then too there’s the purpose behind it — to please your mistress — and if you think of it as her giving you the pain, it becomes more like a masochistic obedience than surgery. I know you understand what I’m saying… I hope that helps!


    1. Yes, thanks for asking. They seem to be healing quite well. No infection, only occasional soreness, which I’m told is normal. They are still slightly swollen. Amanda and Kevin are careful with them, but they do handle them, and I feel it a bit when they do. I think they are more sensitive now.

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