Good morning to all. Not that the specific schedule of my life matter to most of you, but here it is anyway. Just keeping you posted…

Over these past two weeks, Amanda and I first made the house functional, then started making the place comfortable. (And apparently we’ve started to christen each and every room.) I don’t know that it’s yet much of a home, but perhaps we’re getting there.

This next week Amanda and I will be abandoning our homemaking efforts to focus on the new office. We can’t move into the office space itself until December 1, but we have actual office work to do in anticipation of that, which is the execution of strategies and plans that Amanda worked on back home while I was packing the house.

This afternoon, Amanda wants to take me out to some stores to buy me a couple of office outfits, skirts and blazers, plain blouses. I expect her choices for me in this to be reasonably conservative. For now, anyway, she needs me to look business professional.

The week after next, I’ll be flying to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving with Mom. And I’m nervous as hell about that. (Thanks for all the support.) Amanda will stay here in Denver. She’s been invited to have Thanksgiving with friends. It makes me happy that she won’t be alone.

And then the week after that, the first week of December, I am back, and we move into the new office space. Another move, which we’re both tired of, yet this is a small space, and the chore of it will not be too demanding.

Things will work out.

5 thoughts on “update

    1. David, again, thank you for watching… I know about “lifestyle” — it’s the life I am,not a style I wear — but sometimes it’s the only word for it, and I use it too… I am afraid sometimes that my updates are kind of boring and of little interest, but I hope they at least show the sequence of my life as it is… thank you.


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