Nothing worth much in this post except for me to apologize. I have fallen behind on reading your blogs, and I have so much to catch up on. Likewise I’ve not responded to your comments for the past week or so. I promise to do so over this coming weekend. So very sorry. I miss you!

There have been a couple of excitements here this week, which I’ll report on in coming posts. Otherwise, the story is that we’ve moved into the new office space. Much of the furniture has been delivered, and we have computers and Internet and running water. It’s been anticlimactic in a way, because the space is unassuming and business-like, nothing to write home, or blog, about. However Amanda is much relieved that it’s finally set up and operational.

After helping at the office the first part of the week, I’ve been staying home the past couple of days — doing some fix-up and painting and cleaning in the storage rooms and closets here at the house. Amanda’s been going into the new office, though at this point there isn’t new business happening yet — no one knows we’re there.

I’m still processing my time with Mom last week, wondering how much of my nature has been shaped and predicted by the particular and strange world that was my home in Pennsylvania.

2 thoughts on “apologies

  1. I know how you feel about being behind with reading up posts and answering comments. Just take your time, we’re all busy! And I can imagine the thing with your mum needs some time to process.


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