Amanda’s vision

Ultimately Amanda’s dream is to create a slave-friendly public environment. She believes that the general population should accept in its midst a master-slave couple living out their lifestyle.

Her walking me on a leash is about more than her control and subjugation of me — it’s for her a symbol to others of who and what we are. Her idea taking me to a dog park, leashing me and having me walk alongside German shepherds and Labradors is not only meant as a humiliation for me, but also intended to be a visual social statement to others about what she believes should be the normalcy of the D/s lifestyle — just as dog-walking is.

And now she has intentions for our new neighborhood becoming a Petri dish for our social experiment. Of course, even Mistress with all her special powers can’t Bewitch a whole suburban tract into adopting her vision. But our new digs are unique and offer her some possibility.

We live west of the city in the foothills of the Rockies. This house is in an unincorporated area, not in a housing development or part of a formal (HOA) neighborhood. The immediate area is sparsely populated — we have just five maybe six neighbors within a full square mile. Only one home is within sight of ours.

All of our houses are built along the side of a mountain — well, more like a foothill. The lots all slope down to a rural road, though it’s paved. Our back yard is an up-slope to the top ridge of the foothill, and off of that hangs a hiking path that winds around the back yards of a number of these other houses as well.

Frankly, this is one of the reasons Amanda selected this house originally. It has privacy and open space and, perhaps, a manageable number of neighbors.

Amanda, at the very least, would like to walk me on a leash along the public road at the base of the houses, as well as on the hiking path along the ridge. She would like neighbors to know us and not be offended (or call authorities). In her perfect vision, she’d like these neighbors to be our welcoming friends, and invite us in for drinks in the summer, all while I am collared and leashed and otherwise, alternatively, interestingly dressed.

As an aside, regarding Amanda’s vision, it’s important to understand that, if we were somehow to live in a community of just D/s and BDSM people, it would not be the same thing. Amanda’s vision is to submit me to the vanilla world and get them to accept me for what I am.

So she wants to talk individually with our neighbors to explain to them our lifestyle, what I am, and how we live. She wants them to accept our lifestyle, perhaps enjoy it paraded in front of them. In some cases, maybe there would be some negotiation of what’s acceptable and what’s not.

Now, I would never even begin to imagine how a random group of neighbors would come to peace about what we are. And I would never have the chutzpah to approach neighbors and have this conversation. I blush even to imagine it.

But as we know, Amanda is a force in talking people into things. She is unflinching and persuasive.

And, there are some other factors in her favor. These five neighbors are owned by people who don’t have children at home (there’s one she’s not sure of). She had researched that before she bought the place. She also knows that one of the homes is owned by a gay (male) couple. Another place is owned by a recently divorced man who travels a lot and is rarely home. There’s a sixth home, currently on the market and uninhabited.

As it happens, Amanda has already had one positive conversation with one of our neighbors — a married couple in their fifties. She happened to be driving by as they were pulling in their driveway. She got out, introduced herself. Told them about us.

“They are open and curious,” she said to me. “They want to meet you.”

So here we go. Sometimes I feel I got hooked on to the side of a rocket ship.

6 thoughts on “Amanda’s vision

    1. minnie, yes, it’s her form of social engineering. I think it’s kind of a longshot to make happen, but I’ve learned it’s not good to underestimate her… As for Off the Cuffs, not sure I want to give her more ideas. Then again, she is in touch with someone who wants to interview us. We’ll see….

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  1. Wow haha, throughout reading this I was like… I appreciate her hopes for the future but also that’s probably not going to happen?! And then the end of this post made me smile. Of course she would make it work somehow.

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