naked on the kitchen island

Amanda fills it, lifts it close to my chin. I think she is about to feed me, and I part my lips. Instead she tips the ladle toward my body, no accident, letting the thick liquid chocolate spill onto my breasts.

I breathe in sharply, lifting my head, tilting back.

The gooey brown coats my white breasts like Dairy Queen cones dipped in dark chocolate. It’s warm and wet and wicked. The chocolate rolls down my breasts, now ski slopes for dark avalanches. Some of the chocolate pools for a moment atop my left nipple, then drips down, catching my inner thigh.

Amanda just bathed me in her fantasy.


7 thoughts on “naked on the kitchen island

      1. Ooooo…that could be…interesting?! Lol. That’s funny. I was leaking bubbly for a day after his wee experiment… he kept asking to kick it up…but it was a bit difficult when we were out in public!!!

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