three things

the world I was put in
the person I really am
the life I long to have

The world I was put in… was one of moral beliefs and spiritual routines. Those two things, simply put, were “avoiding sin” and “reading the Bible.” Together they added up to faith, so I was told. Church was the weekly cornerstone of this religion I found myself in. I have spent three decades disentangling myself from it.

The person I really am… was a mystery to me until my mid-twenties, although I had some glimpses of her from the time I was a young girl, eight or nine. What I discovered later in my life were two things: One, I am an extremely sexual woman. Two, the woman I really am is one of profound submissive need and desire.

The life I long to have… is one in which the people I know are people who accept the person I really am. The life I long for is one in which people love me even knowing I have a sexually submissive life, scandalous by most common perception. The life I long for is one in which I’m dominated by both men and women in ways that are safe yet extreme.

How do you answer the three things?

2 thoughts on “three things

  1. very interesting and thought provoking
    The world I was put in very spiritual church 3 times a week read your bible and believe what my preachers and parents are telling me. its taken several decades for me to understand just treat others kindly , be respectful and not worry about those that aren’t respectful or kind.

    the person I really am submissive and carefree. i try to respect others and be kind. like to help others

    the life I long to this one i am not sure of where i am going or how i will end my life. currently 65 living with daughter, her hubby and two wonderful granddaughters (2 & 3) been going thru a divorce for 3 years. Not sure even what i want and desire

    i wish i could be as open as you, shae and want the same but not sure

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