becoming known

This time of COVID isolation has, ironically, become for me a time of becoming known.

These days have brought me into the experience of meeting neighbors, of being made known to business clients, of a day with Blake the handyman, of a reconnection with an old college friend, and of one other experience I may write about soon.

In all these situations, I have been revealed to others as a submissive woman, owned and kept by another, living as a lifestyle slave.

Strange that it’s happened during a COVID lockdown.

I have wondered if being known like this by everyone would be better. That is, if people in public just somehow knew, perhaps by a mark on my chest or a color I wear. Something that signals to everyone I am a submissive, a slave owned by another.

I have wondered, if people somehow automatically knew what I am, how they would relate to me. I would probably experience a range of responses, treatments, attitudes. I’m quite sure my slave status would say more about other people than about me.

But maybe it’s part of the sub-slave experience to be revealed just occasionally, to this person and that one, one by one, slowly through a lifetime. Maybe that’s part of the conditioning of me, what reminds me of what I am and makes it real outside of myself.

So maybe there’s a purpose in becoming known by a Blake here and a Jeremy there.

I think we all want to be known for who we are, and even more, accepted by others as ourselves. Maybe that’s what I’m feeling these days, these random experiences in my life, uncomfortably revealing as they are, being at the same time what I long for.

4 thoughts on “becoming known

  1. doesn’t seem many years ago that being known as gay, homosesual etc was a mark of shame

    now most accept it as part of normality

    maybe the Ds relationship is falling into the ‘accepted’ part of lifestyle

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    1. I agree that BDSM has become more mainstream and is more accepted as a sexual expression, as done occasionally in relationships or as a sometime nightclub scene. But I think that lifestyle D/s — the actual 24/7 life of submission, someone being a submissive, living owned as a slave — is less understood and still much in the closet… That’s just my own impression.

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      1. spot on regarding someone living as a slave. there is such a bad sigma of the term slave. Our society is thinking slavery as in the old days and not as a life style in a loving relationship like your and your Mistress. In our society it is difficult for some to understand the mind of a submissive let alone a the mind of a slave. I thank you for your candor in explaining exactly how you feel bot physically and mentally.

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