road curves ahead

Amanda said this evening she intends to keep me topless all weekend and I will be presented to people. It was a matter of fact statement. She wasn’t specific as to who.

I’ve known this has been coming. She has wanted to have me exposed out in the neighborhood for a long time. We’ve had some outings, but they’ve been controlled and careful.

My naked day with Blake was the tipping point, but that was still in the house, kind of something she staged with him. My introduction, clothed, to the landscape crew was simply a portent of things to come. The other night, she was counting on the Millers being home; she had hopes of walking me topless to their patio, but they were away.

But it now will happen. To what extent, and in front of whom, I do not know.

There’s no protesting. She’s my domme, she owns me, so she can. And thus she will.

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