sunday night

It is the briefest of moments.

He is inside me, thick with the swell of lust.

I am wet for him. I know I am just his woman of convenience, yet I can’t help myself. I want him. So I am open, cavernous. Hungry. Juicy.

His body lies atop mine and his hairy weight slides back and forth across my smooth skin, rolling my breasts and rocking my naked flesh. His mouth lies beside my ear and he whispers to me directions — “slow,” “easy,” “let it come” — and I almost laugh at this dominant man who cannot help but issue commands even during sex. Even this he must control.

My arms are draped over his shoulders and my hands cling to the back of his head. It is as if I loved him, and maybe I do in some way. Maybe I love all the men who fuck me like this. Perhaps I just love anyone who makes me orgasm, as he just did moments ago.

I suppose it’s not befitting a prostitute, to love the guy. Or is it more of a prostitution to not only give the guy your pussy but also your heart?

He changes his angle and his cock pumps me more, now gracing my clit every other stroke or so. I close my eyes.

He thrusts himself farther in. His balls slap me underneath. And suddenly he stops, holding himself there.

It is the briefest of moments.

And then, from a rock solid standstill, he erupts and gushes his semen into my deepest places. It is warm and thick and demanding. It coats and marks me. It claims me.

I am Kevin’s once again.

I am such an easy lay.

6 thoughts on “sunday night

  1. Beautiful. I’ve often wondered how women feel about men and sex. I know there are billions of answers to that questions. Still when one woman comes along and expresses her feelings, it is always a revelation.

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    1. Thank you, David. I have become more open in writing my actual sexual experiences like I did here, but still, when I receive comments, it takes me a little by surprise, like, “Did I actually share that?” Yes, I did. And it’s really OK, I tell myself… You are kind and generous with your words, David. I always appreciate your following me and my life. I feel I know you because you know so much of me… I don’t know if I’m typical of most women, but maybe so. I don’t think everyone reflects on it later as much as I do, but I think for many women, sex is in the moment both a physical and emotional experience, all at once. We have sexual experiences that are just flesh and lust and urgency, for sure, but more often than not it is relationally meaningful. It is for me anyway. So I try to express that… Many thanks. Glad to have you watching, David, so to speak.

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