travel thoughts

As scheduled, I drove to Kevin’s yesterday. It’s been, I think, almost seven weeks since I’ve was with him, although it seems like yesterday. Which is not to express a regret, but just to admit that for me the notion of actual time seems elusive.

This I know: that the plan is to continue this arrangement about every six weeks. Originally, it was to be once a month. Then COVID. And now it seems Amanda and Kevin have agreed that the sweet spot is about every six weeks for about a week each time. We’ll see.

The drives here and back in the car have become a wonderful time for me to collect my thoughts. These trips, the travel parts, tend to settle me and ground me.

It struck me that the easiest way to explain my life is simply to say that I am in an alternative relationship with two other people.

We all used to live together: Amanda is dominant. I am submissive and bisexual. And Kevin is, well, a man who wants to fuck me.

Then Amanda and Kevin split. I went to live with Amanda. I visit Kevin periodically.

So it’s really just a three-way sexual relationship, but I know it sounds like a TV show.

Anyway, if you’re tuning in to season five, that will catch you up.

There is much about my “public weekend” I have yet to write about. The landscaping crew experience that I posted was the most intense, but there were several other “events” to tell about.

One was a visit with our neighbors, John and Patricia Miller, in which I sat topless in their living room for two hours. It’s a credit to them that they made me feel comfortable and relaxed in their presence. I’ll write and post about it soon.

Probably more important than my walking around bare-breasted in front of strangers are some of the conversations that Amanda had with me, revealing more about her “philosophy of Shae,” and her plans for me in the future. Again, I will post on this soon.

Kevin has us going to a Labor Day party this afternoon.

I frankly am a bit tired of social events, but at least I get to keep my clothes on at this one.

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