notes to a slave girl, 3

I had used the word “partner” before. I’d like to say a few things about that.

By the way, it is not a word you should ever use with him, unless he invites it, but there is a truth in it, an understanding of something that can be helpful to you as his slave girl.

So, understand that I mean partnership in a different way than equality.

To be clear, you are not his equal. That is partly the point and pleasure of D/s. Moreover, you are not equal to his friends or colleagues or even passing acquaintances. If it is the nature of things with him that he has lovers, you are not equal with them either. You are kept as his property. It is your place in his life. It is what you agreed to.

Your owner has needs to be fulfilled. Dominant needs — to control you. Sexual needs, perhaps — to use you as a sex thing at his beck and call. Life needs — services for you to do for him. In all of this, you are a container, and he pours his urges and urgencies into you, sometimes literally, for you to sate and satisfy them. It is a partnership of sorts — an unequal partnership in which you provide yourself to attend to his being, and, by using you, he touches your deepest submissive places.

My advice is for you is just this: do not expect him always to define and conduct your slavery. Sure, follow his lead and obey what he has for you to do. But do not think of your slavery as his sole responsibility.

The misconception about D/s is that slaves are to be utterly passive. We are obedient, but that doesn’t mean we’re limp and lifeless. Actually dominants treasure personality and initiative.

So you should be seeking what your slavery should be to him. Find his need in the moment, ask what you can do for him, and offer yourself as a receptacle for whatever he wants to pour into you.

Ultimately what you have is a partnership. Not a partnership of status. But a partnership of use and service and submission.

4 thoughts on “notes to a slave girl, 3

  1. I am finding these posts utterly fascinating! The depth of the submission you speak of is astounding in it’s completeness. Beautifully written, clearly and concisely delivered, it gives a crystal clear view into the world a slave girl would be living in.
    To be able to give so much of yourself to another person without holding back and also having the ability to let go of ego, serving their needs in any and every way they desire… I know I could not be half that person to another. I admire the dedication you apply on a minute by minute basis to living your life of submission. It takes an exceptionally strong and well balanced mind to be able to give yourself up so entirely to the needs of your Dominant partner.

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  2. Reading your posts with continued interest, I relate your situation to mine I suppose, thinking ahead as it were.

    We have a broadly similar relationship, in that I consider myself ‘owned’, but as Master is 20 years older than me, the endgame is certain, unless I lose an argument with a bus!

    for that reason, part of his caring is that I must have (his insistence) my own life where I earn my own living and have my own existence as separate as is practical from him.

    So we think into old age, which has a looming certainty about it. Ds certainly delivers the elixir of youth on Master’s part, so no complaints there, but my freedom is left unsaid, though I know it is there to take if I choose to. But I have never felt myself to be his prisoner anyway. (the true art of the Dom I guess).

    If I said I’d found a new Dom, he’d laugh and wish me the best of luck. (and mean it)

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