about Amanda and Kevin

I am aware these days that a number of my watchers and followers are more recent subscribers and haven’t had time to go back to read my earlier posts. (I am also aware that I’ve written a boatload of posts going back now two years — such that I myself am forgetting what I’ve posted in the far past!)

Most of those legacy posts are not so important really, but sometimes there are things in my current life that are confusing to a newer follower who doesn’t have the background of the earlier posts.

So it is with this man, Kevin. In my current life I go to him in a town some five hours away by car. I do this about every six weeks or so, for a period of about five days each time. In fact, Amanda created this arrangement, shares me with him in this way, in which I provide sexual services to him, sort of like an escort.

Some of you, understandably, have asked to know more about Kevin, how he and Amanda know each other, and how this came about.

Amanda and Kevin, I am told, first met at a D/s lifestyle event in Chicago about seven years ago. Both are dominant, although back then Amanda sometimes switched. Both from Colorado, they subsequently kept in contact with each other.

A year and a half later, Amanda moved in with Kevin. I think this was 2015. For them, living together was a decision of practical convenience. Kevin had a huge house and used only a third of it. Amanda was starting an online business, had poured her funds into the startup, and didn’t have money to buy a house.

Theirs was not a romantic relationship. I’m not saying they weren’t intimate sexually, for they were at times, and there was BDSM play between them, but they remained separate and kept different social connections.

One common interest was they wanted to find a live-in submissive. Amanda had connections in the D/s community that Kevin didn’t have. They felt it might be more likely to find a submissive girl if they were together.

Amanda eventually did find a submissive she and Kevin both liked.

They forged a relationship with this woman and eventually worked out a trial period with her of a few weeks.

However, she lasted only a week.

This was not for any lifestyle reason or relational problem, but because of a tragic death in her family in California. That effectively derailed the whole plan with her.

Around that time, I was seeing a dominant man by the name of Michael. That’s a whole other story. I was about to enter into a 24/7 with him, and I was still a newbie to the D/s life.

I am told that Amanda had been at a lifestyle party where she’d seen me. Apparently she talked with me then, but I am embarrassed to say I don’t recall it. Many of these lifestyle experiences were new and overwhelming to me at the time.

The story goes that Amanda had designs on me from that first conversation, and she was disappointed to learn I was already with Master Michael. She talked with him and mentioned that if circumstances were ever to change, she would be interested in me.

Two years later, my circumstances changed.

My dom, Master Michael, was facing health issues that made it difficult for him to keep me. (There’s more to this part of the story — for another time.) He remembered Amanda, contacted her, conversations were had, and they began to discuss a transition of me to her and Kevin.

Much else happened to lead into this, but I won’t spend time on that here. Suffice it to say, I became sub-slave to Amanda and Kevin, jointly. This was at the beginning of 2019.

Kevin and Amanda had very different views and needs regarding D/s. I don’t think they fully understood these differences until they got their girl — me.

Kevin basically sees dom-sub as just one of his many sexual preferences, a kind of sex that he enjoys from time to time. He has a sizable sexual drive that seeks a variety of sexual experiences. Bondage sex is one of them, but not a constant need. Back then, he wanted a submissive he could take into his bondage room, but also one who could provide him, well, vanilla sex on demand, especially fellatio. But he didn’t much like the 24/7 commitment of dominating a sub-slave. He didn’t have time for that.

Amanda, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. Owning and dominating a slave girl is relationally and emotionally exciting to her. Sex and bondage are parts of it for her, but not the main thing. She seeks to dominate a submissive psychologically. D/s is to Amanda her life calling. She never really cared much about the BDSM aspects of the lifestyle as Kevin did, but she wanted the dom-sub with me to be a real relationship, possibly permanent.

For most of a year, I served them each separately within the same house. Kevin used me for sex, trained me in fellatio, and at times took me in his bondage room, which was an overwhelming (and wonderful) experience for me.

Amanda, meanwhile, captured my mind and heart.

By the end of that summer Amanda and Kevin had conversations about another change. I don’t know all the reasoning. Amanda needed to extend her business back to Denver. Kevin was perhaps feeling too tied down to us at the house and wanted more freedom to see other women.

But I also suspect that Amanda and Kevin had been finding it difficult to live in the same house together.

Long story short, they decided to split, for Amanda to move to Denver. She would take me with her.

I was part of the financial arrangement between them.

Much of those details I am not privy to. But essentially Amanda repaid Kevin for his earlier financial assistance. And more: in a sense, she bought out his portion of me.

He didn’t want to give me up, but also didn’t want to maintain me 24/7. So part of the arrangement was that Kevin would still have access to me, on some regular, perhaps monthly, basis.

Amanda insisted that she would be my sole dominant. I could not serve two masters hundreds of miles apart. When I came to Kevin each month, Amanda stipulated it could not be dom-sub. She forbade Kevin taking me into the bondage room. He could have me as he might have an escort, sexually, but not dominantly.

And so it has been since last fall. Because of COVID and other things, my visits to Kevin have not been as regular as was originally intended, but I have gone to him, I think, seven times in the past fourteen months.

When I lived with both of them, Kevin kept himself closed to me personally and emotionally. He wasn’t much for conversation. I wrote about this a lot, desiring to find a more personal connection with this man who was dominating me so forcefully, claiming my body.

In this new arrangement, Kevin has opened up to me more. He has become more conversational. He does not dominate me any more, but he has me for sex as he wants it. We are more like friends with benefits. I like Kevin, and this has become a comfortable and enjoyable experience for me.

The one thing we both wish for, though, is an occasional time in the bondage room again. Those experiences had been so extraordinary for both of us. So far he and I have observed the rule Amanda originally stipulated, but I wonder if in soon time, Amanda will relax that restriction.

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      1. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly enjoy reading about your current situation with Amanda. But, it is very interesting to me to learn more about the journey that brought you to your current situation. XOXO

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      1. even tho i went back and read your eariler post , I think each time you go back and do a review , You expose a little more of the very interesting shae. At east i know i know a little more about You

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