a letter to new followers, part 2

Hi again. There are some more things I thought might be helpful in this overview of me.

One. I’m bisexual. This Is not so big a deal, of course, but it explains a thing or two in my life and what I write. Mostly it makes the point that when Amanda shares me with men, it is not contrary to my orientation. Truth is, I love men and, as I sometimes write, at times I crave men. I consider myself more drawn to women in terms of specific relationships, but I have desires for men in a more general, and you might say carnal, sense. I wrote about my attractions to men and women here and here.

Two. I’m shared by Amanda with a man named Kevin, and I write about him sometimes. While I am Amanda’s sex slave, she does not want Kevin to actively dominate me, so she provides me to him as a kind of escort companion. Amanda and Kevin had a relationship before acquiring me. If you’re interested, you can read about their connection here.

Three. I come from a strongly conservative religious childhood. Some would say “No wonder you’ve gone into an alternative D/s lifestyle.” Perhaps, although I think submissiveness has been within me from birth, and I tend to believe in nature more than nurture. I have left my Christian conservatism behind, but I mention it because it explains why I came to the D/s life later in my twenties rather than earlier. I was just slow in accepting what I really am. This post might explain a few things.

Four. I have been in the D/s lifestyle for five years, the last four as a 24/7 slave. Before coming to Amanda, I served a dominant man, Master Michael. I refer to him sometimes, and in fact my earliest blog pots were written when I was under him. I intend to create some new posts reflecting on my time with him.

Five. In my twenties I worked in real estate, and later formed my own business. I mention that because it was a hard and significant turning point in my life to leave my business and enter full-time submissive life. It was difficult at the time, but I’ve never regretted it.

Six. Again, writing is a passion in my life, and the nature of my blog is to express my strange life in words. I also write fiction, mainstream and genre and also erotica. I sometimes post some erotica on my blog, but I state up front that it is fiction, not to be confused with my own life. I write about writing fairly often, but here is one post that might be of interest. And here is an erotic short story I posted a long time back.

Seven. Amanda. My relationship with Amanda is a lot of things all at once. At all times I am subservient to her as her slave. But we also are also the closest of friends. And we are lovers, sexually, both in the sense of Amanda using me, her slave for sex, but also as two women in pleasure together as friends and lovers. We have different modes of relationship, and we informally and casually slip from one to another. In all of that, again, I am her sex slave at all times, but we share this unique relationship of multiple dimensions.

I don’t share these seven things assuming that people are deeply fascinated by my life. But I think people read my posts because they’re drawn to my erotic life. I don’t write to titillate. I do write to express the erotic experience of my slavery and my sexuality. If that’s of interest to you, then I’m pleased if you experience these things through me.

Again, happy to answer your questions at shaemadigan@comcast.net.

slave shae

8 thoughts on “a letter to new followers, part 2

  1. I am greatly enjoying these summary posts, shae. Sometimes, as a reader of many blogs, it gives you a better understanding of the person to see a summary of experiences, and later, read about specific events in that person’s life. Thank you for putting in the time to complete these posts for your readers. XOXO.

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    1. thanks, nora… for some reason, in the past two months, I’ve had a number of new people sign up to follow me. not sure if this is because of COVID time, or the holidays or what. I know “followership” comes in bits and spurts. I don’t obsess over the numbers, but I think sometimes it’s just good to provide newbies with an overview… also, it really is true I need to review and trim and edit and organize my whole blog site. Argh.

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      1. I think there also a magic hidden number that makes WordPress or other engines push you into the forefront. Once you’re popular enough, they decide everyone should know about you, and then your followers go up.

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      2. I am not sure this is true of WordPress (as I haven’t seen anything written on it), but it is definitely true that search engines such as Google and Yahoo prioritize the order of results when a search in conducted. I recently saw a HUGE jump in my number of daily views and so I looked at the “referrer” statistic and learned that a much bigger, non-WordPress blog had begun featuring my site to their readers. You check this, go to “stats”, “insights”, and scroll down until you see “referrer”.

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  2. Hi, great to get to know you more Shae, what’s here on WP, I’ve read everything. Where are your first posts hidden? Part 3, This post; do not work on my side. part 6, one post, do not work. You refer to older posts, how can i find this posts ?
    How goes it ?


  3. the librarian, You say it starts slowly, yes, and then I have time to build up the expectation, and there you then deliver to the point that I am in the starry sky.
    And i recognized the adventure.from my childhood :-))


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