notes to a younger me 3: desire and need

As you make a decision whether or not to enter the life, think about whether what you feel is a desire or a need.

Your desire for a submissive experience is easily satisfied without living in it 24/7. You can find a partner who will play with you for a few hours here and there, satisfying you enough from time to time.

Your need for submission is something beyond just a desire for an experience. It is what you are. It will never be satisfied by the occasional role play. The only way to address your submissive need is live in it — to submerge yourself in the submissive life. That means living in submission full time.

Submissive need is actually a terrible thing, for it is never really satisfied, and will bring you to tears time and again, a deep longing that you cannot explain.

If yours is truly submissive need, you will know it and will know the life you have to have.


2 thoughts on “notes to a younger me 3: desire and need

  1. 1-2-3. you have so many well-thought-out thoughts about your choices and the life you have chosen to live in. Words, new words and other language words make it both challenging and exciting to follow you on your journey. And the 4th follows.

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