notes to a younger me 1: life is life

Do not expect the submissive life to be free from wobbles and worries, frets and fears — the usual scruff of vanilla life. Do not enter into submissive life thinking it will be a getaway from the doldrums of daily existence. Do not give yourself to the submissive life because you believe it will be a wonderland.

The submissive life is still life.

It is different, yes, from the vanilla life, but you will still stew over if you’re getting fat, if you’re good enough, if He still likes you today. You will get bored. You will still angst about your purpose in the world. Even in the submissive life, dishes still need to be washed, floors cleaned, laundry done.

Go into the submissive life not because it is glorious, but because it is the only life that fulfills your submissive need.


6 thoughts on “notes to a younger me 1: life is life

  1. Beautiful advice! True submission is not a game…and I feel that many who are attracted to this lifestyle misunderstand that….it is not all kinky sex, discipline, and training…it is also a TON of patience and mental endurance.

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  2. Excellent advice, for those who have identified their submissive need. Many haven’t, many have, yet remain in denial, and some have embraced it. It is warm and wonderous to read the thoughts, questions, worries, and desires of you, one of the latter.

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