notes to a younger me 5: boredom

She is not there to entertain you.

There is a kind of equation in the slave life. Your side of the equation is that you get to be kept as a slave. That’s all.

Her side of the equation is that She uses you as She wishes, when She wishes. That may mean sometimes She may put you in a corner for a while. Sometimes She may just have you sit somewhere doing nothing. If she puts you in a cage, you may find that a thrill — for the first ten minutes. Hours later you are still, well, in a cage.

Sometimes She won’t use you at all.

The slave life is not always active or eventful. And it’s not Her concern to make it so for you. If She has to spend a single second thinking She has to keep you preoccupied, then you have failed as a slave.

So when you enter slavery, be prepared to entertain yourself in those passages of time when you’re not being used. You will soon enough learn Her patterns and schedule and when she will likely set you aside. Then you can pursue your own interests, find your own pastimes, keep yourself busy.

Also, ask what you might do to serve Her during down times. Not by peppering Her with inquiries of what you should do now and next. But in general, learn from Her a few things you can do on a regular basis — folding Her clothes, scrubbing the floor, shining Her shoes — and turn to those things in those times She has no other use for you.

D/s slavery is not a circus. It’s a life.

4 thoughts on “notes to a younger me 5: boredom

  1. Hey Shae. Good that you remind us vanilla and others who read you and are on their way into a D / s relationship, that it is your own responsibility to find something to do, when your assignment for Master / Misstress is completed. Shae, this does not apply to you, but good that you put words to empty time, you often regret that you have not written and posted events. Or followed up on your email friends.

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  2. This was one of the biggest struggles in transitioning into a F/T 1950’s lifestyle. Daddy works and I’m home by myself for hours and hours on end on a daily basis. There is only so much I can do to keep our home and please Him. Developing interests and hobbies that help occupy those times has been a saving grace. Thank you for putting words to this.

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  3. I wonder if sometimes this boredom manifests itself as mischief that’s ultimately intended to get more attention from the dominant. If so, does the dominant recognize it as such and ignore it or make the decision to engage. In a scenario like that, is the dynamic of the relationship being challenged?

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