a brief update

I returned late Monday from a trip to Kevin’s. He exhausted me, I don’t mind admitting, and I spent much of yesterday sleeping. It was a very sexual visit with him — which is sort of stating the obvious, always true, and yet this time it was more so. Also, my evening spent in the bondage room with him was much more “effective” than the one before. I will write about that soon.

Amanda is keeping me scheduled now between herself, Master McKenna, and Kevin. I am serving two men and a woman, which sounds like it should be a movie title. Besides being my mistress, Amanda is also proving to be my caretaker, providing me downtime, checking my physical and emotional being, and allowing me to replenish my sleep.

I owe everyone an account of my times with Master McKenna. I apologize for the delay, although it probably provides a better picture of him for me to write about two Saturdays with him than just the first. I am scheduled again this Saturday with him, this time at his house. Should be interesting. I hope to catch up on my MM experiences and post before then.

In general, my writing has slowed down because of my schedule with Mistress and Master and Mister. Also because I have been tired, and my mind has been mush. I regret my tardiness in replying to my email friends — you know who you are. Even so, more to come…


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