work night

Amanda had been working late all week, and tonight she was working late again. She has been bleary-eyed and sullen from her long hours, visibly exhausted. My heart went out to her. I’ve offered to help, and she’s drawn me into a few reports, but what she’s involved in now is a big project only she can do.

Tonight it got to be ten-thirty, and she was still working in her study.

I decided to try something.

In my bedroom I took off my skirt and peasant top. I put on my thick titanium collar and slipped into the tallest pair of heels I own. I put on a pair of nipple rings that Amanda likes — silver loops with dangle sprays of stainless flowers. I primped a little, applying glossy red lipstick and fluffing my hair around my shoulders. Finally I grabbed the chain-link leash and attached the one end to the O-ring of my collar.

At the wet bar, I poured a small glass of sherry, placing it on a tray along with a napkin.

I went to her study and knocked on the door lightly.

She said, “Yes?” from within, her voice flat, tired, and impatient. I realized this might not go well. I breathed deeply, then entered.

She was staring intently at her computer screen. I stayed at the doorway until she acknowledged me. “What?” she asked impatiently, still staring at her screen.

“I brought you some sherry, Mistress,” I replied.

Whether it was the announcement of sherry or my intentional use of the formal “Mistress,” she finally responded “Oh.” It too was even and dull. She blankly looked up from her screen to me.

A corner floor lamp by her reading chair was on, casting a shadowy glow across my naked body. And now she took in my presence — my legs neatly together, my heels touching, my collar heavy around my neck, my breasts bare and pale. She saw my nipple rings catch the lamp light as they dangled.

She repeated herself — “Oh” — but this time it was with life and interest. I saw a restrained smile form on her lips in the glare of her computer monitor.

She waved me over.

I walked across the room, my breasts rippling with each of my high-heeled steps. She watched me the whole way. I set the napkin down beside her keyboard along with the glass of sherry. I put the tray down on the back edge of the desk.

“Thank you,” she said.

I picked up the end of my chain leash and held it out to her. I admit to putting on a forlorn air, which she spotted and which nearly made her laugh.

But she composed herself and said, “I cannot play right now.”

I decided against putting on a pout and simply nodded. I picked up the tray and turned to leave, walking to the door.

“I didn’t say you could go,” Amanda said.

I stopped in my tracks. It was an order. I smiled to myself.

“Kneel beside me.”

I returned to her and arranged myself on the floor beside her desk chair.

“Hands behind your back.”

I obeyed.

“You have to be perfectly silent,” she said. “I have to finish this report. If you make a sound, I’ll hurt you.”

I nodded.

For about an hour, Amanda continued reading the report on her computer screen, her right hand using the mouse to scroll the document.

Meanwhile her left hand stroked my breasts and occasionally tugged my nipples.

One thing about Amanda is she’s really good at multitasking.


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  1. You found the right way to encourage your mistress, great gesture, give her what she wants to see, you are so wonderfully sensual and caring. Reward you got too, allows for more eroticism

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