notes to a younger me 13: Master’s other people

You will, in time, learn that you are not the only one in his life, nor even the most important one. You are something he owns. You are his slave — not his wife, not his girlfriend, not one of his drinking buddies.

He has other people.

For an alpha male, “having others” is part of how he is wired. He populates his life with people. He cannot be contained, and he will have relationships with many, including some he is intimate with.

You will be on the lower tier of these others. He may have you living with him, but that does not give you a “higher position in the mansion.” A housemaid gets paid and is able to go home at night. You are lower than the maid or manservant.

He will have male friends, perhaps golfing pals, guys from work, drinking buddies, old college friends. He will find his way of explaining you in his life. They will occupy his time, and take him away from you.

He will have girlfriends, some perhaps you know about, others perhaps not. That is none of your business, though you will seek to make it so. You must really strive hard to let go of that — jealousy will eat you up inside.

If he has these others, you must acquiesce to his having life with them, accepting that you do not have those privileged places in his life. If he is a more private man and does not have these others right now, you must live assuming that he could develop these other relationships, and probably will — make yourself ready for it.

You are a deep submissive, and you have a place in his life because you need to be a slave. And it’s his dominant need to keep a slave, which happens to be you. Being his slave is a unique, special relationship, for sure, but that, and nothing more, is what you are to him.

As you enter this life, dear one, you must realize you will never have him. As soon as you try to have him — to reach out and hold him and keep him from others — you are being unsubmissive and possessive, changing the very thing you are to him. And then you will have destroyed everything.


7 thoughts on “notes to a younger me 13: Master’s other people

  1. Thank you for sharing this, shae. While I don’t identify as a slave with a master, I am a girl with a Sir. This really hit home for me and is something I’ve been trying to work out emotionally. I really value this series you are writing, “Notes to a younger me”. Keep em’ coming ❤

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  2. means a lot to me, nora, to get this encouragement… I’m not sure how many submissives actually are reading this, so I wonder sometimes about continuing to write the series. Yet, perhaps others even more experienced in the life, like you, get something out of it as well… and frankly it’s good for me too…thanks.

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    1. Well, you have 300 followers or so, so I imagine there are quite a few submissives reading your words here. I greatly value your blog, shae. This is not the first time I have had an idea rolling around in my head only to see it articulated on your blog. Something you wrote more recently (and I think it was Master McKenna who said this to you) was that dominating you was even more pleasurable to him as you are an educated, witty, articulate woman. My Sir said the same thing to me a few months ago and that still sticks with me. I’ll probably write a post on it soon, with his permission. In any case… you do a wonderful job at keeping your blog interesting for your long time readers!

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      1. nora, thanks so much, your words are very encouraging… and so lovely that your Sir complimented you that way. Not surprising, but nice that he sees you that way. Yay!

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