Kevin proposal

I had mentioned in a blog post that Kevin had made a call to Amanda. The timing of the call was puzzling to me, but I thought it needn’t be my concern. Amanda didn’t tell me anything about it, which was fine — I put it out of mind.

Last night Amanda told me what it was.

Kevin has proposed to her an adjustment to my visits with him. He is requesting that on an occasional basis, he would like to have me as his slave for an entire visit. Other visits would continue as they have been — Kevin told her he likes my being his escort. But once in a while could he have me to dominate for the full visit of five days?

Amanda hadn’t told me this immediately, because she was mulling it over. She didn’t want to get me all ado over it if she was going to say no.

But last night she told me she was going to tell him yes.

She has yet to figure out frequency and certain limits and a few other details.

8 thoughts on “Kevin proposal

  1. This was a surprise, here Kevin takes a real revenge on Master McKenna. Kevin is not fooled into answering with boyish jokes, but will be Master for Shae again.
    Should almost think he heard your unspoken conversation you in a dream composed together while you were in the garage with beloved Ford picup and driver.
    How do you feel now and what are your immediate thoughts around this turn?

    This will be exciting, considering what Amanda also wants to see you do and Kevin’s gift to faithful and loyal employees.

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  2. There are studies that show that when Alpha men sense competition, they become even more Alpha. Perhaps it is coincidence, and Kevin just desires to dominate you again… Or, perhaps he doesn’t want Master McKenna to be the only male Master in your life. This is a A LOT, shae…. hope you are ready to serve three Masters. I will sure be looking forward to reading about it 🙂

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    1. nora, about Kevin being alpha — yeah. I didn’t know that research, but it rings true that this is Kevin’s competitive response to Master McKenna. No, it’s not coincidence. He is jealous of this piece of me…. about serving three masters — yeah. It’s a thing. Amanda is talking with me about this. she’s concerned too. on the one hand, I am a slave 24/7, and in terms of time this doesn’t require of me any more hours in a day. also, Mistress A’s dominance of me is looser and more open, less demanding than some slaveries might be. however, I worry about being focused enough on each one to meet their expectations and keep straight in my mind their preferences. especially Master McKenna, who is rather exacting… all to say, yes, I agree, nora. much to consider…

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      1. Well, as Mistress A is the only Master you will be serving full-time, it might be worth a bit of time to consider how you might “leave” Master McKenna and (Master?) Kevin at the door when you return home, so to speak. I imagine that you will have these experiences fresh in your mind and be tempted to think on them quite a bit….when really, when you are at home, you should be focused on serving Amanda. Perhaps she might allow you an hour a day or so to think about your other dynamics, but then ask that you focus your mind solely on your dynamic with her the rest of the time. Something like that might help it all from getting too overwhelming. I can see how it might become very hard (and confusing) very quickly if your mind is always considering how you might please each of your Masters. Just food for thought.

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    2. nora, again you are spot on with wise advice. I already echoed this in one of my posts — your point about focusing on Amanda here at home — and I’m making that specifically a goal for me. She is the one who really matters. You are right that I need to avoid “mentally spending time with the men” while I’m present with Amanda. I may write about this more. thank you, nora…

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      1. I am glad that this was helpful! While our two situations aren’t that much alike, something I have been focusing on is to make sure that my mind is on my husband when I am with him (and not in any way on my submission to my Sir). He deserves to have my full attention and focus, just as Amanda deserves to have yours. It can be difficult to be so disciplined with our thoughts, but I think it is good form as a submissive/slave.

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  3. You wrote in your post “deep space mine” that you have been in a deep sub space lately and that you were longing for extreme handling. Perhaps Amanda is granting your wish of sorts. Being Kelvin’s slave for a time, while in addition to your service to Master McKenna and obviously your slavery to Amanda may give you the extreme handling you crave. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to read all about it.

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