the weekend with Master McKenna: 1

I may or may not have times to write during this weekend — it promises to keep me busy — but I have written a few blog entries prior to this weekend, and will post them as I have opportunity.

The following I wrote earlier last week for posting now. I’ve updated this as of early this (Friday) morning.

This weekend Master McKenna is hosting two separate groups of people at different times.

The first group is the board of directors of a non-profit organization. Master McKenna hosts them for a planning retreat every year, although in 2020 this was canceled because of COVID. This group numbers seven people, and they are here now, Friday, ready for meetings and discussions through Sunday morning.

The second is a less formal a group, acquaintances of Master McKenna’s just starting in the D/s lifestyle or considering it. There are to be five of them, I believe, and they will be coming in Sunday afternoon and leaving Tuesday morning. These are, I presume, all dominants, but in early stages of exploring D/s and the acquisition of submissives. Master McKenna intends to coach them. Amanda has been invited in for some of the proceedings.

I will refer to these groups as the “non-profit” group and the “lifestyle group,” respectively.

From the beginning, Master McKenna has been training me as his personal assistant. This, of course, a la my submission and his dominance. In Gorean classifications, there is a type called “professional slave,” one owned and specifically trained to a serve a businessman. This is how he has been training me.

Of course any particular designation does not limit his use of me in other ways, but the focus of my training has been to assistant him in professional matters.

To be clear, Master McKenna has his day job — a high position in a corporation — and he has assistants and associates who help him at the office. My place in his life is at his home as his (submissive) personal assistant in his separate business affairs, apart from his office work.

And my presence here this weekend in front of others is something of an early test of his training of me.

The non-profit board members are not themselves in the lifestyle. However, Master McKenna is, like Amanda, quite open about his D/s interests, and so they know something of the life he leads. I will find out, probably, who knows what and how much they know. And how they understand me.

In a short while, I will be introduced to them, likely in a professional way as his personal assistant (PA), but most will know that in Master McKenna’s purview “PA” likely has a fuller meaning.

He has trained me in how he wants me to sit, stand, walk, and talk with him, nothing overtly sexual but noticeable in its subtle precision. He has me dressing professionally in business suits —blazer, skirt, blouse, modest heels — but the skirts are intentionally too short for proper professional attire. This is his preference always, and also one of the many little things likely to set me apart in the eyes of others.

My tasks will consist of mostly clerical duties — copying reports, preparing folders for everyone, taking notes — most of which are things I do for Amanda in assisting her.

I will also help serve people coffee or tea, although I’m not required to. I enjoy doing that.

I may write more about Master McKenna’s home later, but it’s worth mentioning a few things up front.

This is actually a small mansion. There are six bedrooms, most being suites with separate bathrooms. The main floor includes a number of large rooms as well as an expansive kitchen.

I should note that this is not my first time here. In fact, after his first few sessions training me at Amanda’s house, he has had me here at the mansion. So I am familiar with it. (I am perhaps a bit jaded because of my real estate background, having sold houses like this, often needing to refrain from reminding a prospective buyer that someone has to clean all those bathrooms.)

But the crowning jewel of this house is a massive room at the back of the house with vaulted ceilings and a tall picture window looking out on a manicured lawn and the Rocky Mountains in the distance. This is what he calls the Great Room, and it’s truly spectacular.

The Great Room has a long meeting table along one side and a grouping of leather chairs and couches in one corner. In an opposite corner tables have been set up for coffee and snacks.

This is where most of the activities will be held this weekend.

We’ll see how this goes.


4 thoughts on “the weekend with Master McKenna: 1

  1. — but the skirts are intentionally too short for proper professional attire….
    We’ll see how it goes, agree with you Shae, here you have given us basic knowledge about your audience, because you are the jewel that MM has honed, in these meetings. We are looking forward to the entertainment you will provide. Btw is the skirt so revealing that spectators see a lack in your clothing, if you have to bend?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I greatly enjoyed reading this post, shae. I imagine you will serve Master McKenna very well this weekend. I do wonder what he will do in front of his lifestyle friends…. I cannot wait to read about it! Best of luck 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

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