the weekend with Master McKenna: 6

It is Sunday noon and most of the guests have departed for home.

Master McKenna has not said much to me this morning — he’s been busy talking with others and seeing folks off — but I sense he’s been satisfied with me so far this weekend.

Sometimes you just feel the pleasure of your master.

Today he has had me in another short skirt and another stretchy top. I’m collared again, and in taller heels. Respectable enough but more and more outre. If the retreat had lasted another few days, he’d have me topless while handing out folders.

Of course this weekend is still young.

Moments ago, Master McKenna tells me that after the last of the guests depart, I am to take the afternoon for myself.

I say thank you, but might I help clean up first?

He says, “You don’t need to — the cleaning service is coming in at 1:00. But if you wish to… ”

I might collect the papers and folders and meeting items, I say.. “The cleaning service doesn’t need to see those.” But, however you wish me, I say.

“You may.”

He consents, I think, because he likes the thought of me in my short skirt and high heels kneeling to pick up papers while the cleaning crew is there.

Also he likes that I volunteered this.

Having posted my notes from my early sessions with him, I can report that this weekend has been a full expression of those trainings.

All of these body language things are subtle, I think, but they are distinctive, and I expect have been noticeable by most in this non-profit group. Perhaps at first they didn’t know if this is just the way I am, my unique style, or if it is more specifically how I am trained. Some of the board members took a while to pick up on my status with Master McKenna, and even then some don’t really have a category for it.

But I think probably the most telling has been my “tethering” to Master these past few days. They have seen me floating behind him, my eyes always on him, responding to what he wants me to do.

Some have asked about my being put in a collar the other night at dinner. The truth is, I don’t know why he did so then, or today. One thought I’ve had is that it’s perhaps a statement from him that I am not his girlfriend, that I am something else to him.

Again, some are aware and some aren’t. This is protocol three — mixed audience. Some don’t have a way of understanding this, finding my collar and outfits odd, seeing it as a fashion statement, or a Goth symbol, or just something weird. For their sake, I think Master McKenna intended my presentation to them to be a gradual reveal, but even then, never a total reveal.

I have in mind one more post today — to explain a bit more, as much as I know, about the lifestyle group coming in tonight. We’ll see. I have time until the first session with them at seven.

I actually have slept fairly well this weekend so far, but I think I’ll take a nap this afternoon…

2 thoughts on “the weekend with Master McKenna: 6

    1. Stanley, no I never wrote about cleaning up after, and I didn’t write about the cleaning crew… Since then, I have been more formally introduced to the staff at Master M’s mansion. Most of them are part-time, but it seems that when I am there and they are there at the same time, Master McKenna will probably play out my submission in front of them…


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