the weekend with Master McKenna: 7

I had started this late yesterday afternoon but ran out of time for posting. Here it is now.

This will be my final post of the day (Sunday) after a full day of posting. I hadn’t meant this weekend to be a travelogue with frequent updates, but it’s turned into that. Again, I appreciate all the lovely comments.

This post will need to be short, but I wanted to share a few things about the lifestyle group starting to come in now and what I’ve been told of the activities these next couple of days.

In the next few hours there will be five of them showing up for this next retreat, all men. They are acquaintances of Master McKenna (or referrals to him), men who are dominant “newbies” or dominant-curious, interested in the D/s lifestyle. I don’t think any of them has owned a slave before. Master McKenna intends this to be an “introduction to the dominant life,” with him instructing them in the art of dominating a female slave. It seems I am Exhibit A.

This evening will be mostly introductory conversation and discussion, with all sitting in the leather chairs and couches in the corner of the Great Room. Master has some opening comments to share. I will be introduced and will be asked questions from the group. I am told this will be recorded and transcribed later.

Tomorrow and Tuesday, I am told, will be various sessions and “demonstrations.” Master McKenna has said to me that this will at times “be sexual but not be sex.” (I had hoped for a little more detail on that, but he has chosen not to tell me.) Even so, I am not afraid for myself, as I know Master McKenna will not subject me to anything I cannot handle or that would otherwise be dangerous.

Also, Amanda is taking her day, Monday, off of work, and will be here for the activities tomorrow. Master tells me there will be a time when both she and I will be interviewed together.

Of course, this lifestyle retreat is for the benefit of these men, but I’m aware it’s also a further test of me in front of others as Master McKenna’s slave.

Hanging in there…

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