the weekend with Master McKenna: 8

I wrote the following early this morning, and just now have the chance to post it. The events of this part of the weekend are getting beyond my ability to keep up in my postings. I’ll see if I can provide an overview of today later tonight. The more detailed accounts will have to wait until I get home later this week. In the meantime, I’ll just say today has been interesting, with some new experiences, but I’m OK.

It’s early Monday morning, and I have a few minutes for a brief report about last night. I won’t be able to go into all the prepared commentary and the questions posed to me — I’ll leave that for later follow-up.

The five men arrived between four and six last night. Three of them are, I would say, in their late forties or early fifties; two are younger, perhaps late twenties. I mention ages because I haven’t really had much interaction with dominant men younger than me, and it feels like a different vibe. I’m not sure what that is, and I’ll think on it more. It’s fine, but it just sparks in me a different submissive feeling.

Around seven, the men assembled in the Great Room corner, in the leather chairs and couches around the Oriental rug.

Master had me wearing a simple but short black mini-skirt, a button-down burgundy blouse, and five-inch heels. Simple but dressy, semi-formal. Of course, he put me in my slave collar, the wide titanium one with an O-ring in front. Dark red lipstick. My hair wasn’t cooperating yesterday, but I guess it looked okay.

Master walked me in on a leash, perhaps a touch dramatic, although I swear there was no drum roll. It was really all very casual. He announced me as his slave, and suggested that they all should introduce themselves. Which they did in a further time of meet and mingle.

These are clearly dominant men, two of them especially talkative and (over)-acting macho. One of the younger men is quiet but clearly following everything keenly, taking it in. Another seems to be a group comedian — there’s always one. As they each made the rounds to introduce themselves, several tried extra hard, it seemed, to show me their dominance, usually by copping a condescending tone. I am used to be condescended to, and it can be appropriate, but there’s a way of doing it that several of these men haven’t learned yet. I found myself hoping that they’ll learn from Master McKenna’s example of how a dominant man doesn’t have to try so hard.

There was an open bar, and most of the men were fetching whiskey or scotch for themselves. One of them asked if I wanted something to drink. I looked over to Master McKenna, standing at one side of the conversation area, for permission. He’d overheard, and nodded. A lot of eyes were on me at the time, and so others watched my silent interaction with Master.

I asked for a red wine, and one was produced for me in a minute or so.

Master had me sit on the floor beside him, my leash in his hand.

Again, I won’t take time to detail most of the conversation last night. I believe later there will be a transcript of what was recorded. I’ll post that in coming days and weeks.

However, I will mention that Master McKenna, after welcoming them and delivering some opening comments, explained to them my status, my primary ownership under Amanda, and the arrangement between her and him to share me. He said to them that I was there to speak from the perspective of a real slave in an active slavery and to demonstrate aspects of slave training and behavior. I was there for them to learn “firsthand how to handle a live-in slave.”

I don’t remember his exact words, but Master McKenna also said something like this: “Shae is a possession,” he said. “She accepts herself at lower status, a piece of property. As a submissive, she wants and needs this, and she has decided to live her life this way. You and I are dominant, and we want girls like Shae to own and master. This is what we’ll be talking about the next two days.”

“I need to make something clear for the time we are together this week: Shae accepts that all of us, as dominants, are at a higher level than she is. As a result, she will respect you in that. She will be polite to you, serve you, obey you in certain things, because this is how she is trained. But I want each of you to understand — Shae is my slave property. So I will not tolerate any misuse of her. This is not a sex party. Yes, we will have sessions that are a little more hands-on and explicit, but I will not allow any physical or sexual activity with her outside of our sessions and my permissions. You are encouraged to treat her as the slave she is, but always remember she is my slave.”

Anyway, not that I was really worried for my safety, but that made me feel protected.

There was a time for each of them to introduce themselves. I’ll probably not attach names to the men in my reporting for these next two days — I cannot use their real names, and using pseudonyms will just confuse me in the real sessions with them now. I also need to be careful of revealing personal things shared.

However, it is fair for me to say there is one story common to several of them: a change in their relationship status and/or career, which now provides them opportunity for them to take their dominant interests more seriously and to consider a lifestyle change into D/s.

Master McKenna then delivered a prepared session, speaking of different kinds of dominance and different models for alternative, D/s arrangements. One especially good part, I felt, was “Things You Should Decide As You Enter the Dominant Life.” Again, more on all this later.

There was a break around nine. I took drink orders from each of the men, and served them.

The last session of the evening was the Q&A with me. Master allowed me to sit in a chair next to him, my legs angled just so, and I held my wine glass without fuss or fidget in my lap. He wrapped his end of my leash around the arm of his chair. Master then had me talk about my own submissive journey, and I shared some of my story with the men— which I’ve posted here on my blog in dribs and drabs, some recently.

Master opened it up to questions. Initially, there were the expected questions of when I first knew I was submissive, when and how I first knew I would enter the life, and how I was first acquired. There was a lot of interest in limits and negotiation, which I always have to answer in two ways — one more general to most D/s arrangements, and one specific to me. One really good question was “How do you think of yourself, being a slave?” Later there were specific questions of my bisexuality, my attractions to men versus women, and my sexual use as a sex slave. The questions became more probing, intimate, and sometimes raw, but for me not too much to respond to.

The Q&A went on till at least eleven-thirty.

7 thoughts on “the weekend with Master McKenna: 8

  1. «but always remember she is my slave.» said by Master McKenna.
    How do you feel about this statement, as far as I know you are Mistress Amanda’s property.
    MM should have said “my” these days, or ?

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    1. nudo, good question… I think Master McKenna needed to emphasize with the men that he had authority over me. I was OK with what he said because I know he and Amanda are clear about the arrangement. I am owned by her, but by proxy also owned by him. He didn’t need to go into the details of the actual arrangement. It was OK.

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    1. nora, I thank by the end of the retreat, they understood a lot more about dominance — that is, understood there’s a lot more about the life of doing it,,, their growing respect for Master McKenna, and later, Amanda, became ovious.

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