the weekend with Master McKenna: 9: general comments

It’s Tuesday afternoon as I write this, and the lifestyle retreat is nearly over.

I apologize for not writing during the events of these past two days, but I had precious little time to myself and couldn’t keep up.

I will, of course, share it all with you in the next few days, but it just won’t be concurrent with the events happening.

I realize now that the retreat had another shadow purpose beside the primary one of Master McKenna tutoring some dominant men. It was all of that, yes, but at the same time the retreat was used by Master McKenna and Amanda, working together, to provide me some new experiences and challenges and humiliations, which I will tell about in due time.

I might have figured Amanda would not let the opportunity of a roomful of dominant men go to waste…

I am gratified that I was pleasing (I think) to both of them, not only in my obedience to their orders of undress, but also in my contributions to two separate interview times — the one Sunday night with just me, and then the one Monday morning with Amanda and me.

I am especially glad that I was able to be consistent in my body language — the basics of standing, sitting, and walking — that Master McKenna trained me in and expects of me.

I will be home tonight, and perhaps I’ll get some feedback from Amanda.

She is giving me a free day tomorrow, ostensibly to rest and recover. The truth is I’m doing reasonably well and I’ve been able to sleep well this whole time. These sessions have been intense in deeply submissive ways, but I have stayed present in them and nothing was allowed to be traumatic for me.

Tomorrow, I should have time to reprise the events of these past few days in additional posts.

Again, I am grateful for all the lovely comments to my recent posts. I will respond to them each. Many thanks.


2 thoughts on “the weekend with Master McKenna: 9: general comments

  1. Hi, you have been great these days, done a job that has been challenging, posted nine letter, (some written in advance) and prepared with the latest events. I know you right, you’ve made notes, i’m really looking forward to the days ahead, when the latest revelations come. I do not think you Shae need to apologize, you also put a lot of work into describing an event, making it evocative. So it remains that Master McKenna and Mistress Amanda is satisfied, the rest of us are just spectators, we can’t judge your job or space to write a blog.

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