the weekend with Master McKenna: 10: Monday morning

Amanda showed up right after breakfast, and it was good to see her after we’d been several days apart.

Again I was dressed in a short skirt, tight top, and heels. Master McKenna had attached a short, one-foot length of chain link to my collar. It hung from my O-ring to just below my bodice, dangling loose. It provided an image of being leashed without the longer leash tether attached. For practical purposes, Master didn’t want the longer length always dragging the floor and underfoot. When Master wanted to, he attached the longer length to the end of my short dangling chain.

Amanda said it was “a good look” for me.

“My greatest fear,” I said, “is that you’ll get from this all sorts of diabolical new ideas.”

“Always learning,” she replied.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that this retreat with five dominant men was one of her diabolical ideas.

I should say something about Amanda being around the men there. She had been introduced to everyone before the the start of the first session. I think they didn’t quite know what to do with her at first — another woman in their midst, one who was herself dominant. And she’s so attractive. Certainly they all knew that women can be dominant too, but I think some of the older men struggled with the gender stereotype of dominance being male, whereas the younger men had no issue with it.

Also, I think that they weren’t quite sure now how to treat me in Amanda’s presence. They knew she was my primary owner, and had been told of my hybrid slavery to both her and Master McKenna. Yet, there’s something about the dominant treatment of a slave girl (me) in the presence of another woman that might have been initially challenging for some of them.

But Amanda established her presence with them through the day. Woo and all that.

Master McKenna spoke for the first part of the morning on what it means to be dominant. This was sort of a lecture, although casual and interactive. He was sitting during this time, and he spoke from notes in his lap. He took questions throughout.

He spoke first about responsible dominance, what it is and isn’t (which I thought was quite interesting), and about choice and consent. He emphasized how dominance was never abuse but it also wasn’t, in his view, “coddling” or “doting.”

He got into forms of dominance: psychological, physical, sexual, mental. He talked about the lifestyle choices possible for the men: “Do you want — companionship or ownership, slave girl or girlfriend, full-time or part-time, submissive or slave?”

There was a mid-morning break, and Master had me take coffee orders. I served the men and Amanda, even though there was a coffee table set up on the far end which they frequented on their own through the day.

I began then to really feel the presence of the dominant men around me.

The evening before had focused me on the men’s names and stories and the introductory comments by Master McKenna, as well as presenting myself acceptably according to Master’s expectations.

Now, Monday morning, I was more aware of the dominance of the five men surrounding me. This put me in a deeper submissive place. All good, except that at times I was asked to speak, and then had to climb out of that slave place to address the room.

The men also affected me sexually, of course. While I didn’t want it to become a “sex party,” as Master had put it, once I was assured that the retreat would never get out of hand, I frankly found myself sitting in the midst in a puddle of sub-sexual desires. They were men, after all, and dominant.

Amanda was given time to speak on “Caring for a Female Slave.” Again, I don’t have time to get into this here, but I thought it was really good, and I’ll try to capture it somehow for a later post.

There was a second morning break and then Amanda and I were interviewed by the group. Master McKenna had a basic outline of topics and started the interview according to a pattern, but the men eventually entered into the questioning.

This had been scheduled for an hour, but lasted into lunchtime. Sandwiches had been catered in, and Master McKenna suggested we continue the interview after people had fetched their food.

So the interview lasted until about one o’clock.

Again, this was recorded, and I think it will be available later for me to post.

6 thoughts on “the weekend with Master McKenna: 10: Monday morning

  1. This is just incredible, shae. I am greatly appreciative of you sharing this journey with your readers. And, I have no doubt that Amanda was able to very quickly establish her place with these other “newer” Doms. I imagine her strength and her experience as a Domme becomes obvious to others very quickly. And…the ultimate proof of her capabilities…is you.

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  2. We have now followed an extended weekend with two different groups of participants. Some questions arise and I will try to ask them in a way that is understandable to the addressee, Shae. The first group consisted of women and men.
    If any of these are Dominant, without themselves exploiting or knowing that they are, would you recognize such a quality? Can you recognize dominance based on speech or behavior?
    Group 2, well-adult men and younger. New? in their discovery of a world where they will begin to practice. Could it be that some of them do not have the quality and just want to be D because he wants to practice something that ignites, gives arousal and pleasure.
    Will submissive Shae feel psychic or through verbal communication that it is real D you are talking to? Can you recognize a D near you via atmospheric vibes, psychic or by eye contact?
    Are there any of these you would have been fascinated by, in both groups, if the circumstance had been so?
    You have spent a weekend with bravura and style, so now we look forward to your elaborations of pagans you have only mentioned as a bi-phrase. Thanks again for the way you apply your brush, so picturesque and beautiful pictures we enjoy.
    q & a?

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    1. nudo, these are excellent questions. I think I might open this up — once I’m done with these posts — to an open Q&A. I’ll include these questions here, as they are really very good ones.

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