the weekend with Master McKenna: 11: Monday afternoon

We started late on Monday afternoon because of the extended interview time, getting back into the conversation pit at about 1:30. Master McKenna had billed this next section as a demonstration, and I wasn’t surprised that it involved me.

He put me on the longer leash and had me stand by his side as he sat. He talked about protocols, how they address various social situations and dictate how a dom wants his slave to present and behave within each type of situation. “This is not fixed in stone. You can decide what protocols you want.”

He told them he had four protocols for me, asking me to detail them.

Standing leashed beside his chair, wearing my too-little skirt and button-down blouse, I was surprised he turned this over to me, but I did my best without prep. I explained that Protocol One is for special situations or private times alone with Master in which he wants to see me but not hear me, so it requires my formal behavior but without sound or speech. Protocol Two is for lifestyle situations in which I observe formal body language and formal speech, referring to him as “Master McKenna.” Protocol Three is for mixed groups where some know my status and other don’t — dictating formal body language but general more relaxed speech — “Mister McKenna.” Protocol Four is an entirely vanilla crowd in which my body language is more normalized, as is my speech.

I said it all something like that.

There was a point where Master McKenna said to the men, “Say you’re in a vanilla or mixed crowd, for example — you wouldn’t want your slave slipping up and calling you ‘Master.’” (Of course, this was a dig at my faux pas with the previous “nonprofit” group. He said it seriously for the doms, but he glanced at me with a subtle smirk. No one there picked up on the inside joke — they didn’t know. But I did, and I blushed.)

Master McKenna went on to talk about obedience training. “I’ll have Shae, in a minute, demonstrate the body language of our top protocol, but I need to say one other thing…”

He went on to talk about “immediate obedience.” Which was, of course, the conditioning of a slave to respond to orders without thinking, just obeying. “We’re all made to question, evaluate, consider, think,” he said. “It takes a lot to train a girl out of that.” Immediate obedience was the significant measure of control “you want to get to with your slave.”

He turned to me: “Shae, there’s a coin under the coffee table. Get it for me.”

It was a good thing I was paying attention. Without pausing, I walked to the coffee table, knelt (while managing my short skirt), and reached under, where there was indeed a quarter beside one of the table’s legs. I fetched it and returned it to Master McKenna, handing it to him.

He said to the group, “Your slave should not expect to know why you are ordering her to do something… Shae, squat here beside my chair.”

I stooped down, keeping my legs together (again minding my short skirt), and settled into a squat, balancing myself as best I could.

He went on to talk for a minute or so as I remained squatting. “Sometimes orders should be random and without purpose,” he said. “It tests your slave. And sometimes pushes your slave to her limits…” Right when my thighs were getting weary, he said, “Shae you may stand.” And I did, managing to do so without using my hands to help myself up.

“Again,” he said to them, “you want to train your slave into immediate obedience.”

He turned to me: “Shae, unbutton your top and take it off.”

He had not prepped me on any of this, but I cannot say I was completely surprised by his order to make myself topless. He had told me that things at this retreat would be “sexual but not sex,” and I imagined that eventually it would mean some form of undress for me. I had thought about this possibility beforehand, and I had come to some acceptance of what might happen. And now here it was.

“Shae, unbutton your top and take it off.”

My hands didn’t hesitate to go to my top buttons, even though undressing wasn’t easy for me. These were five men, strangers to me, all dominant, and I was very self-conscious around them anyway, and now more so in revealing to them my breasts.

Amanda was there, watching and enjoying, directly across from me. I focused on her, imagining myself undressing for her in the normal course of our lives. That made it easier.

I unbuttoned myself, finally pulling the panels of my blouse back, and pulling my arms through. I handed the top to Master McKenna, and stood beside him, my breasts bared to all.

I remember there being comments from the men.

Master McKenna asked Amanda something and Amanda responded that she keeps me in some state of undress a lot of the time.

One of the men blurted out, “I can see why!” and the other men laughed.

I blushed and stood silent in my humiliation.

Master moved the session into a demonstration of body language and had me act out my training in sitting, standing, and walking.

I was still topless. And though I didn’t realize it then, he would keep my breasts bared before the men all afternoon.

I won’t go through the specifics of those demonstrations here, as I’ve described them in a previous post. I’ll just say he had me demonstrate first “standing” and “sitting,” emphasizing some of the subtle differences within various protocols.

For the walking demonstration, Master McKenna said, “Let’s take this outside.”

His mansion is set back from a frontage road by maybe the length of a football field. Maybe it’s a bit shorter than that. A long driveway lined by trees leads up to the mansion, emptying into a drive circle with a fountain in the middle. Master relocated us there on the circle.

I was not concerned about people in cars on the frontage road driving by and seeing me — the general public glimpsing me topless. You get to a point of “whatever” and just don’t care. But that road was far enough away as not to make that a concern. What I was more aware of was a catering truck parked to the side, near the kitchen entrance, and the catering people going in and out. They had a clear view of the proceedings along the circle.

Master McKenna had me on the long leash and walked me around the circle. Along the way, he explained how he liked me at about a four feet length from him, a stride and a half back. I walked as I am trained to, observing the distance.

I was well aware there were five sets of eyes watching my breasts ripple as I walked. It was both lust and possessional desire. I didn’t even need to look at them. A girl just knows.

Master McKenna took me off the leash and explained the notion of virtual tethering. Again, I’ve explained this in a previous post. He started to walk around the circle again, but then reversed course, doing some wide loops. He explained how in the course of real life, say a business situation or conference, “you want your slave there in a different protocol,” not on a leash, but “attached” in a virtual way.

I floated around him, as I’ve been trained, maintaining a distance of about four feet as he moved in random directions and loops.

He showed how in a crowd this becomes more challenging, and he then walked among them, shaking hands with each as if we were at a conference. I navigated my distance, weaving around them, floating behind Master as if I were leashed.

Master McKenna made the point that there was no right way to do this, that each of them might have a different requirement for walking a slave. “What would your requirements be?” he asked rhetorically. “How do you want your slave to move and walk when she’s with you?” He gave them time to think about it and then to state their desired preference.

As each stated their preference, Master handed them my leash, now reattached to my short chain, and each of the men walked me around the circle. I had to adapt myself to their requirements. Mostly these were modest differences of distance and which side they wanted me on, but one wanting me walking in front of him and another had me next to him, almost shoulder-to-shoulder.

I found it helpful to focus on the work of the demonstration and handling the specifics of each man’s preferences accurately. This distracted me from my top nakedness. Even so focused, however, I was always aware of myself among the men, feeling their dominance and lust.

I remember now that Master paid me a passing compliment. It was after he had me demonstrate being tethered virtually, and talking about conferences and conventions and group meetings. He said, “Slave Shae has just finished a conference with me. She was on a virtual leash the whole time. She did well… You want a slave to be available to you as you want to use her, but not underfoot…” so he continued.

Later we finished outside, and walking back in, Amanda came alongside me. Though saying nothing, she put her arm around me.

I think the men watched that too.

Thankfully, Master allowed me to be dressed for the catered dinner Monday evening.

4 thoughts on “the weekend with Master McKenna: 11: Monday afternoon

  1. It sounds like you did beautifully, shae! While you described your feelings here to some degree, I am imagining this had you in a very submissive headspace. I am curious about Amanda putting her arm around you….was it to comfort you, or to signal to everyone that you belonged to her?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. nora, it was a comfort gesture. it said “You’re doing good, Shae.” She was great…

      And yes it was an extreme submissive headspace. Not bad feeling, not traumatic, but you just get to being an obedient little creature…

      Liked by 3 people

  2. 4 protocols, you can go into each of them and tell what they entail.
    You also mentioned that Master McKenna has undressed you, how does it feel and what is going through you then? And Master McKenna had you, will this happening be told ?
    Just questions, q & a?
    And a comment, or maybe q & a?
    When slave Shae had to write down what she thinks are her weaknesses, flat butt was mentioned as something you yourself were ashamed of.
    Your butt muscles and butt shape will now change outwards. You have in fact received new instructions from Master M, how to get up from a chair, sofa or the like without pushing away with your hands. If you have also been trained not to bend your upper body, with chest weight, you will eventually get a rounder butt. Be patient, all muscle building takes time.


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