odds and ends

We had another teatime this afternoon (Thursday), our last of the neighbor introductions and meet-ups.

This was with Robert Diaz and his live-in girlfriend Stacy Knox. He’s in his forties, and she’s around my age. They are professionals in small businesses downtown — Robert as an exec with a shipping company and Stacy as a VP of a startup tech company. Amanda has a lot in common with them on the business side of things.

Of course the point of all this had been to gauge people’s openness, or lack thereof, to our lifestyle. Robert and Stacy seem open-minded, although we didn’t get from them a lot of curiosity. Still, they appear to support us in our lifestyle and are not the type to be offended by our public play.

Mistress Amanda intends to continue teatimes in the fall, perhaps monthly, inviting all the neighbors to attend as they are able.

Meanwhile, there is enough “buy-in” by our neighbors to us and our lifestyle for Amanda to schedule a barbecue gettogether late August. She’s working on that.

That will be my next significant public event.

I am still buzzy from my exposure Wednesday to the trash men. Mistress tells me to call them “maintenance men,” as that’s what they prefer to be called. So I will, although “maintenance men” suggests double-entendres.

The experience, to be clear, was not traumatic for me. But it was eventful, intense, deeply submissive, and carried a certain kind of objectification and humiliation.

So it’s not accurate for me to say I’m “getting over it,” as that suggests a psychological ordeal, which it wasn’t. But my body is still remembering it. Meaning that I still am processing the feelings of my experience in it. Feelings both of humiliation and arousal.

The dining room is now completely empty, even of furniture. The bay window is actually quite grand, looking out over the back expanse of yard, with a view up to the ridge.

Amanda had me wash down the dining room, walls, floor, and corners. This time I offered no protest, and simply did the work. I learned my lesson. Until next time, at least.

Master McKenna stopped by briefly this week. It was not for me, but to discuss schedules with Mistress Amanda. Still, I was all formal and properly postured for him.

They have agreed that late in August, he will have me for two full days, overnight. It will be a bit of a test for how it will work for him and her.

Which brings up the subject of my schedule, specifically my calendar.

Amanda keeps my schedule on computer, and I’d mentioned once before that she had started printing it out and hanging it in the kitchen. She has admitted she got the idea from my recent story “The Game.”

So my life is hung by a magnet to the fridge.

6 thoughts on “odds and ends

    1. tell me about it… 😉 I suppose it’s good that there’s so much happening: if it’s just one thing, I might feel more in control; when it’s five or six things, I’m overwhelmed, and I let go more.

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