new phase, redux

This is probably something I shall post in my “Notes to a Younger Me” series, as it’s worth mentioning in the context of subs and slaves in early D/s relationships.

When I write about this “new phase” of my slavery, it is not to suggest Mistress has crossed any boundary or limit with me, or plans to take me where I cannot go.

I don’t remember any time in my slavery to her when I gave her a list of my limits and boundaries. And while we’ve had many casual conversations when she has asked me “how do you feel about…” this or that, or “what if…” something were to happen, we have never had formal negotiations about things.

Instead, in living together as mistress and slave we have intuitively come to know what each of us needs, wants, and can’t do. She knows I have a strong reaction to being abandoned. That isn’t a negotiated restriction on her, but she is aware and is careful about that in certain things with me. I know Mistress Amanda has an aversion to physical discipline of me. I would like more of that, actually, but it’s not in her repertoire. That’s OK. These and many others are things we know and observe but have never formally negotiated.

(Please hear me — I am not suggesting that negotiations and lists of limits are wrong. I often advocate for them. They just haven’t been our way of doing slavery.)

This “new phase” of life under Mistress A is an intersection of our intuitive knowledge about each other. She knows that my being sexually presented in public is something I shy away from. She also knows it thrills and fulfills me submissively when she requires it of me. And I know this is the aspect of dominance that is her longing and fulfillment as a dominant. I’ve always known it was going here. And that’s always been okay.

This was never a boundary here for me. There’s no “limits list” where any of this appears. The map of my slavery to her is big and sprawling. This “new phase” is our exploration of a new part of the map.

Just as she was the one to move us across the state into this house, she is moving us into a new D/s territory.

I will follow her there. Probably on a leash.

5 thoughts on “new phase, redux

  1. I was so happy for Amanda and you Shae when I read and understood what this meant for both of you. Can’t wait for new brushstrokes that only you can fill in my picture

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  2. q&a; trash pit, Amanda came behind and manhandled here breasts, she cupped them first, then squeezed them in little pulses. Did this feel like girlfriends lovely touching or a Master torture?
    Easy chair , do you really think Amanda will throw away this furniture you often is attached to, legs wide and made open?

    Before and after McKenna, has there been a chance in attitude between you two? Before both of you had a way of living, in and out of different protocols that’s we’ll known by us. Has there been a change in Amanda’s attitude and if so, how do you feel about it?

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    1. Good questions, nudo… a few answers…

      When she squeezed my breasts it was not hurtful, but it *was* dominant — Amanda, the mistress, taking her property in her hands and applying little squeezes…

      I doubt she will throw out the easy chair. Since I wrote the trash day experience, Mistress reminded me we have some old furniture in the basement. That’s what she was talking about.

      Amanda has not significantly changed with me with me since I started with Master McKenna. Yes, she has adopted a number of his practices, so Mistress A and I are more often in a formal mistress-slave protocol. Yet we still have times that are casual and “girlfriendy.” I actually like being more formal with her more often. And it’s easier on me to be able to take my training under Master McKenna and use it in my slavery with Amanda. It’s one training and not two.

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