more musings

Lunch break on a work day…

Amanda has me working for her again, after “firing” me from her business a few months ago. At the time, she had less need for me and wanted, for tax reasons, to clear me off her books. We agreed I could spend more time writing. Which I have.

But just shortly after taking me off payroll, her company was offered a substantial opportunity, and Amanda has been working day and night in prep for that.

She has needed me again and has pulled me back in for a few days of work here and there. I enjoy it…

She has me in a business outfit today — a cream linen skirt-suit without a blouse. I’m topless under the blazer, its center button straining to stay shut.

Which is her point — elegant and scandalous.

I think she fantasies about me like this in an office downtown. With clients walking in and out. She would love that…

At about eleven this morning she called me in to ask me to run a different spreadsheet model for the company under certain conditions. She gave me a handful of variables that have to be run on other spreadsheets to produce the inputs for the new model.

“It’ll take time,” she said.

“I don’t mind. Do you want me to run them through the 2021 forecast or the first quarter numbers?”


I’m glad I know how to do this, that I have become well-versed in Amanda’s company and its analysis. I don’t often feel useless in my life, even given my slavery, as I deem the lifestyle pleasure I provide to dominants and the sexual pleasure I provide to trash men somehow to contribute to society. But it’s nice once in a while to be able to produce a numbers report that has a different kind of value.

Not bad for a strumpet…

Also, it’s strangely satisfying to have a serious business conversation with Amanda while my boobs are loose and free. It’s as if this is how I’m supposed to be, even in this temporary day in vanilla life. Like there is not, at least for me, a separation between my life as a slave, my submission and sex, and this other life, of business and respectable work.

Here in the home office, I sit on the back side of her desk computer as she holds Zoom meetings with clients. She has me take my blazer off, so she can see me in full breastfulness while she is going through spreadsheet details in conference.

To them on the other side, they hear my voice from behind the screen, and I am part of the meeting, but they have no idea…

It is Amanda’s pleasure and our secret.

4 thoughts on “more musings

      1. I don’t know if it is the training or just the time that elapses. The most beautiful thing out there for me is that there is a someone who yearns to dominate as I to submit, and that there is no rational explanation for it, it just “is”.

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