quiet days

These have been a relatively quiet days, Amanda keeping me in my place, all collared and improper in some whimsical way, yet being casual with me, often conversational and girlfriend-y, as if she really likes me.

For all the various relational “modes” we have, she seems to have perfected this one, which combines several of my roles into one — “girlfriend-slave-lover.” She woos this into a new reality, as if making one’s best friend forever into a slave-whore is the most natural thing in the world.

Of course I, being the deep submissive I am, luxuriate in it all.

I call her “Mistress” more often now, the result of her recent conversion to “McKenna rules,” a reclaiming of some of the formality of my slavery to her. But I say “Mistress” in various tones for different contexts, like it’s in one of those languages in which a single word can mean twenty things, depending on the note and sound and inflection.

Lately she’s taken to calling me her “strumpet,” which I’ve embraced because it sounds Victorian and somehow musical. But I looked it up — it means “prostitute.” So much for the romance, although she sometimes says “strumpet” in the most endearing way.

To that point, we continue to have conversations about whether I am naturally promiscuous, which she is sure of, or if she has made me promiscuous, which I am damn sure of and tell her emphatically with a wink and a smile.

This is the sound and rhythm of us.

During the sonata of these quiet days, the strumpet gives her mistress a suds bath in the vintage tub, sponging her flesh-curves like buoys afloat on the surface and finding secret places at greater depths.

7 thoughts on “quiet days

  1. So wonderful to see here that you two are back in what I would call “normal everyday” tone. And yes girlfriend can have many meanings, even in my native language, depending on tone of voice and pronunciation. There is a “catch” here, if you Shae use “misstress” with the wrong tone, you risk punishment. Amanda, on the other hand, risks nothing. I also looked up “stumpet” and came to “promiscuous” which in my head is not as “negative” as a prostitute can be. What do you think of my last opinion?
    And one more worry about your heavy collar and chain, at least Misstress ought to give you shoulder and neck massage after a day in heavy submission

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    1. nudo, thank you. perhaps the meaning of “promiscuous” is what Amanda is intending. it’s a bit milder, I agree, although I wrestle with the idea that I am promiscuous… even though I truly am.

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  2. I’m not looking to judge, you know. Would you have as many partners if you were in a position to decide for yourself? Now we must disregard the fact that you are submissive and that your submissiveness makes you satisfy both Amanda, who has given you away, and your own belief that you must. If you have sex with others, given away, only the times that are told here, then you are not more promiscuous than other free women, if that is a consolation. I keep Amanda and Kevin out.

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    1. nudo, I know you aren’t judging me. I know you well enough that don’t take your comments that way… you are asking the question I ask myself — if on my own, apart from my submissive life, I would be so free and loose and promiscuous with as many sexual partners? I don’t know… maybe… I agree Amanda is my primary sexual partner. Maybe at one time, you could leave Kevin out of that count, but now I don’t think so. And Master McKenna now makes three… the point is also, there will be more.

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      1. Your girlfriend Amanda, we have Kevin and McKenna. It is too little to be described as promiscuous, I mean. These two are regular users of you.
        But, if there is one or two new ones every week, then you will probably deserve the designation


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