after thoughts

I arrived home last night after three days with Master McKenna, falling onto the couch with wine and Amanda, who talked with me until midnight.

This time with him was the first I felt he actually took up space inside me. That’s not just a sexual reference, although now that he is sexual with me, it surely is part of his infiltration. For all the months now that he’s had me, it’s been individual days here and there — at the beginning, a day every two weeks — and the retreat, while it was an immersion into his world, was a kaleidoscope of varied people and purposes and distractions.

This week was a length of contiguous time when I lived in his space, in the rhythm of his dominance, and in the light of his vision for me.

And it was a time when he entered me.

Amanda agrees that his training of me is something I need to maintain and continue, even when I’m not with him. Nothing he has done to condition me is problematic for her. Amanda is simply not meticulous about my presentation in the same way. She simply doesn’t have such preferences. She is fine for me to continue practicing these skills and to integrate them in my life with her.

I think she sees Master McKenna as the teacher-tutor she doesn’t have the patience to be herself. She sends me to the “McKenna School of Slave Etiquette,” and I return to her all trained and proper, now gliding as I walk. I now more readily appear to be “different” in a subtle way, more noticeable to others as a “slave trained.”

Amanda likes it.

In my time with Master M, there were two somewhat notable moments which I will write about in due time. One had to do with his mansion staff — the hired hands who maintain his estate. The other had to do with, let’s just say, a little excursion into the world of corporal punishment. Again, more later.

Otherwise it was ongoing training in a wide variety of things, as I’ve written about, and talk time, and “:professional” time — his managing of his businesses using me as assistant, albeit “slave-assistant,” by his side.

These things became a rhythm with him which was comfortable for me and gave me a sense that a longer-term slave life with Master M would feel good and natural to me.

Amanda said something last night that lodged in my mind. She said I am a sex slave to her and a presentation slave to Master McKenna.

Her dominant pleasure is in my sexual body, my exposure to others, and my being shared sexually.

His interest in me is in training me to be presented to others, most in his professional circles, as one he has enslaved into obedience and trained down to the most basic behaviors.


7 thoughts on “after thoughts

    1. well, nora, this was the first I stayed with Master M overnight, other than the retreat (Amanda was at the retreat some of those days)… but yes, this time with MM I talked with Amanda each night. With Kevin, yes I talk with Amanda, but not every night, usually every couple of days or so. she is always very interested in hearing about what men do to me… 😉

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  1. Your learning curve at McKenna seems to have given you a new way to move. It seems to me that all your movements have now changed, is this something you are now thinking about or will it be your new style🤔? whether you are with Kevin or Amanda? McKenna likes short skirts, me too, how short or high is the edge of short-short skirts? 😋 Here many cheerful and exciting thoughts pop up in me. So short that everyone hopes you will bend. Is it the case that in certain situations you show pussy or butt crack? Every man’s dream, and you will be followed with “attentive glances” anyway. q & a?

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  2. nudo, yes, I’ll capture this for my next q&a. thank you… for now I’ll just say that I am continuing Master M’s training of me in basic behaviors throughout all my life. so, yes, I am walking the way he has trained me all the time now, with Amanda and Kevin as well. it will be my new style, as you say… These miniskirts he has me wear are usually about 14 inches long (35 centimeters) but that doesn’t help you much, I know, to visualize — so, well, my miniskirts fall roughly halfway between my knee and my waist. Amanda sometimes has had me in skater skirts which are short but a bit longer than these that Master M has me in…

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