bag clips

The day started well enough, but sometime during this morning, I fell into a bad mood, one of my mini-rebellions.

I got snappy with Amanda, and she didn’t take kindly to that, so she has put bag clips on my lips. These are the plastic spring clips that clamp shut bags of potato chips. They don’t hurt much, although I feel their squeeze, and over time they will make my lips numb.

One on my upper lip and one on my lower, for now, they restrict my speech — while I can try to talk, the clips give me a kind of lisp. Mostly, they just look ridiculous.

This falls into the category of admonition not punishment. Whereas other doms — Master M notably — would use my little hissy-fit as an opportunity for punishment, Amanda doesn’t like to go there. From her, this is an admonition, a tweak. Master M would have hauled out his floggers and whips and given me a memorable beating.

Amanda knows that these silly, annoying bag clips, while mild, are yet enough of a deterrent for me. She also knows that a female slave goes through times and moods, and no matter how submissive I am, there are periods when the idea of being someone’s slave feels so unfair.

Meanwhile she is enjoying this, laughing and having her fun.

(So, Mistress, I have reported this to all, as instructed.)

16 thoughts on “bag clips

  1. This is relatively mild. You don’t get snappy with your mistress, slavegirl. Fairness wasn’t on your agenda when you became a slave. Endure it and get back to what you enjoy, of which you are rightfully proud, being a consummate slavegirl.

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      1. Slave shae, the minute I posted that comment, I wished I could delete it. You got snippy, Mistress Amanda handled it, and my comment contributed nothing. Mine was a superfluous comment and I apologize for it. You replied with a respectful answer. Thank YOU, slave shae.

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    1. yes, nora, I think that’s the point… I may be a submissive owned, but I am human and go through down times and moods. Amanda knows this isn’t any egregious rebellion, but a minor moment, and she understands it isn;t helpful to escalate these moments any further than they should go.

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  2. What I love most about this “exchange” is how she rewrote the rules on the fly. She didn’t engage on your level. She got creative and still got her point across. Kudos to Mistress Amanda.

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  3. Shae, multiple attempts to email you have all failed, starting last night. I need to change email service, but won’t have time sooner than Monday. The failed email would have explained. Please bear with me.
    Ain’t modern technology wunnerful?

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  4. It’s obvious as your stated that Master McKenna would have handled your mini-rebellion differently that Amanda did. Would you have preferred, and I admit that preferred is a strong word; perhaps expected is a better word, but would you have preferred/ expected to be punished via whipping, flogging… vs the bag clip?

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    1. another great question from you, cj… I guess my answer is yes and yes… Amanda understands so well my emotional being and my occasional mood states, and in this case (as in most cases), she handled me exactly right. she knew my mood was not a rebellion against her, but was a momentary grumble about my life, and what she did with bag clips gentled me back into submissive alignment, so to speak… Master McKenna’s approach would have little to do with “understanding me” and much more to do with “you aren’t being what you ought to be as a slave to me,” so he would “align” me through the shock of physical punishment — either a spanking or a whipping. So, to your question, yes I sometimes prefer the harsher physical handling. And that gets into very complex matters of my responses to these things. I don’t *want* to go through a whipping, and I don’t have a masochistic desire for pain, but at the same time, my submissiveness is aroused when I am whipped and feel the heavier force of physical punishment.

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  5. found your blog a few days ago and have been reading backward in time ever since. I’m a switch but am a sub at heart so I find your blog endlessly fascinating so thank you so much for blogging about your life! I don’t use WordPress often so not sure if this is allowed or appropriate, but is there a way to message or email you other than commenting on posts? Thanks!

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