a dozen lifetimes

Yesterday is best left in the past, one of those days you wish you could have back and do over, but can’t. Today is a new day.

But I’m in a moment when I realize this is not only the life I’m in now but the life I always will be in.

This is not a regret, though it is a wondering: I could have had any of a dozen lifetimes, and I chose this one.

4 thoughts on “a dozen lifetimes

    1. full moon slave, you are exactly right. I knew this, but it seems I had to learn it again. this is the lifetime that fulfills me, which is why I chose it originally. I just sometimes lose sight of that… I’m happy for you in your slavery… yes, you then know what I feel… thank you for following me!

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  1. You live this life because you were honest with yourself about your true nature and your needs. You looked past the expectations our culture attempts to impose on us all and saw who you really are and what is needed to fulfill you. Rather than living your life in denial, in an attempt to mold yourself into a template created by others, you have chosen your own path and are serving the woman who is, in my opinion, the ideal mistress for your life of slavery. Don’t forget the bag clips. Remember them whenever you feel like crossing the line.

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    1. thank you, sir. I receive your encouragement and know this is true. It isn’t that I don’t know these things or even forget them, but it’s more just that in some moments in time, I have brief thoughts and regrets and wonderings. yes, this is the lifetime I’ve chosen, and I know deep down it is the best one for me.

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