musing in a park

I have come to accept that the sex I provide, even to strangers in the most random situations, is a kind of loving.

The young man in the park that Amanda points out, is not someone I love or need to love — he is a total stranger to me. But if I were to service his cock anyway, as Amanda would have me do, to give my mouth and hands to his manhood, the pleasure I provide would be an impartation of loving.

This is certainly a micro-act, a mere electron in the universe of people and life. But it seems to contribute something positive rather than something neutral or negative. I help in a smallish way to improve the state of someone’s life. So I tell myself.

If Amanda had made it happen, this frat-boy stranger would be standing, gazing down at me on my knees, watching his expanding cock bathe in the juices of my mouth. In time, he would tense and empty his cream onto my tongue. He would walk away from behind the tree, leaving me in the dirt, and later he would wonder how he got so loved.

The voices from the past would say that’s not real love. And of course it’s not — I am not claiming that, nor am I expecting that. But even so, is it not a kind of loving? Is this not an act of making love, even if just to one part of this stranger in the grass? Is it possibly a true moment of loving that improves this man’s day and helps him later to choose to do a better thing for someone else?

We are all strangers in a park.

3 thoughts on “musing in a park

  1. I think you would make him the king of his circle. Some would be skeptical about whether it is real or just fabrication, but both you and the chosen one can live well with it. And Amanda can tick off another “to do” or make another fantasy come true. And you will also feel a sense of well-being for what you have done for your dominant and midtress

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  2. A sucking as you described, with your decidedly positive attitude, would be something that young man would remember for the rest of his life. For the rest of his days, he would always scan the crowd for a certain hot redhead. It would instill in him a sense of “what can be.” Try to convince HIM that it was a “micro-act.” Even if you were sucking him at Mistress Amanda’s behest, we both know that you would give it your all. You would enjoy the humiliation and the feel of him in your mouth. He would love it and it would, in a very real way, change his mindset. It does not conform to the conventional idea of love, but there is no way love wasn’t involved. I would hope you’d be wearing a collar that he would immediately identify as a slave collar.
    So, why did Mistress A not tell you to do it?

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